Mary Berry eat your heart out.


Tonight I donned my chef hat and attempted a Paleo chocolate and strawberry loaf albeit there was far more chocolate than strawberry. It is almost Easter after all…
The outcome of my experiment turned out magnificently if I do say so myself.

4 eggs
1 cup of flaxseed
2 cups of unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp of raw honey
A splash of vanilla essence
A loaf tin
Baking paper
Handheld whisk

First off you need to add the egg, cocoa powder, vanilla and honey to a mixing bowl and whisk it all together until smooth. Now you can pour it into the baking tray (already fit with baking paper) I then added some little chunks of 74% chocolate and a few chopped up strawberries and BANG I was left with a divine, chocolatey, gooey, healthy (ish) loaf.
I only left the cake in for 25-30 minutes but just keep checking. When you think it’s done, pop a knife in the middle to check if it’s cooked through.




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