Got Beef?


This afternoon I enjoyed a very beefy lunch date with my friend Stacey or ‘That Cardiff Girl’ as you may know her. We decided we HAD to try Cardiff’s newest burger joint Got Beef after seeing all of their mouth watering pictures on Twitter… It had nothing to do with my never ending love of beards and hipsters. I swear.
Once I’d finally got there (my navigational skills failed me yet again) I kinda fell in love. The place is only small but the decor and atmosphere is very relaxed and completely up my street.

We both opted for ‘The Soprano’ which was a beef patty with chorizo, lettuce and jalapeño mayo in a brioche bun with a side order of dirty fries. The beef was cooked to perfection and had the exact amount of ‘pinkness’ that I love my meat to have.
It took me a little while to whittle down my burger choices as I wanted them all… Literally ALL of them… At the same time. The Easter special sounded exactly that, special. The thought of chocolate stout brisket on a burger with an egg made my heart skip a little! Maybe I should visit again on Monday?
It didn’t take us long to devour our food and it seemed to be just the right amount… I didn’t feel the need to undo my top button even though i knew I’d committed carbicide.
Unfortunately that feeling didn’t last long as we were then treated to a martini glass full to the brim with Mini Eggs. I mean, what more could a girl want?

Got Beef’s website isn’t up and running yet but if you follow them on Twitter and Instagram you’ll enjoy the daily posts of their burgers 🍔 @Gotbeefco

Ps. I don’t mean to make you all incredibly envious but to top off my already amazing Good Friday I was then given the most brilliant and thoughtful Easter gift… A box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts fit with Ryan Gosling’s chiselled, angel face.
Stace, you’ve set a pretty high gift-giving precedent now and also reminded me that this is the closest I will ever get to that beautiful face of his.



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