Just touched down in London Town

Yesterday was a fleeting visit to the Big Smoke in an attempt to eat as much heavenly food as humanely possible. Our mission was accomplished ten times over… I still have the food baby to prove it.
After a 4am start, an obligatory Starbucks and a Megabus Gold we finally got to London and went straight to Camden. Even though I’d had a huge croissant small breakfast, I still felt it was our god given right to raid the numerous food stalls in Camden market. There was only one thing we wanted and that was Nutella crêpes! Yes, this was our second breakfast and no I’m not even sorry.
Camden is such a wonderful, multi-cultural place… Where else could you have the choice of paella, jerk chicken, burritos, fried Snickers or sushi for breakfast?!


Here we are enjoying said crêpes.

I took my friend to Meat Liquor on Welbeck Street for lunch because I’m completely obsessed with the place. It was my third visit and somehow I just don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it. How to describe the venue, hmm, possibly grungy, dark and dirty? I use the term dirty very loosely as I’d like to think they actually do clean in there!


The food is just… Ugh… Stupendous. It’s comfort food at it’s best. The chilli cheese fries are to die for (my heart is actually working overtime) and I’ve had them every single time I have been. The portion is enormous and has a bucket load of cheese on top and the only possible way they’d be better is if I could have them every day. For breakfast.
I went for the chilli dog this time because I love a good sausage (no pun intended) and I am salivating at the mere memory of it. There was so much cheese and chilli on it I struggled to even pick it up. My friend had a bacon and cheese burger and for someone who doesn’t normally like burgers, she loved it. What was also cute was the Easter related brioche bun that was used for the burgers. Festive.

We made our way to Covent Garden after lunch in the hope of trying macarons in Ladurée. Before you judge us and assume we are clinically obese… We didn’t have dessert in Meat Liquor. Crepes? Oh, I’d forgotten about those.
After much wandering around and not having much luck we ‘settled’ for a box of those beautiful little macarons in Paul’s. Within two minutes of this purchase we stumbled upon Ladurée. What are the chances hey?
So as we were already armed with a box of 10 macarons we decided to opt for a ‘real’ dessert from Ladurée and a cup of tea.
As soon as I read orange blossom custard, fresh strawberries and Chantilly cream on the menu I just knew I had to have it. It was literally heaven on a plate. Just look at it. Isn’t it beautiful?

It was the perfect end to our very busy day, the sun was out, there was a live opera singer and we had beautiful treats in front of us… In my mind that is what dreams are made of. Even after searching for Ladurée (which ended up being right in front of us) it was SO worth waiting for… I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone and cannot wait to go back and try their afternoon tea.

I do promise there was some shopping and sight seeing in between all of this eating but I can’t say how much as I wandered around in a complete food coma for the entire day.

For any information on any of the places visited please find the information below ✌️
If you’re visiting Camden this website may help you decide what to do/where to go while you’re in the area http://www.lovecamden.org
For those of you who enjoy choosing what baked goods you’ll have before visiting (like me) then check out the Ladurée website http://www.laduree.com/en_fr/


One thought on “Just touched down in London Town

  1. thatcardiffgirl says:

    I mostly love the utter excitement on your face as you’re holding your Crepe – yet can only imagine the amount of inner happiness (and stomach cramps) you had throughout your entire day trip! Totes tagging on the next one! x


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