Endorphins make you happy

You may all think you have a favourite chocolate but trust me when I say that Chocomix will change that view forever.
Not only can you have whatever takes your fancy added to your bar, be it pretzels, Haribo, popping candy, crisps or fudge but the chocolate itself is so bloody delicious it puts Cadbury’s to shame. I for one, will be keeping them in business by ordering numerous bars every week. Hey, don’t judge me… Try a bar and you too will be well and truly hooked.

The three that I placed an order for were Easter treats for two of my friends and the gift was very much appreciated by both (I admit it, the third bar was a gift for myself). It is great to have something a little different to your run of the mill chocolate egg and would make such a great present for any occasion throughout the year.
The toppings I chose were pretzels (standard) crumbled Oreo and strawberry chocolate drops and it tasted so good it brought tears of happiness to my eyes. Well, that may be an over-exaggeration but they really do taste THAT damn good. The other bar had so many sweets in it my friend Sharon is bound to have a severe sugar rush and for those that know her… It probably wasn’t my best move to date.

They were even generous enough to give me two Paleo bars to try out which I can safely say did not disappoint in the slightest. They have a vast range of dried fruits and nuts which means even those watching their weight can enjoy something incredible. The toppings for these bars were a surprise and boy did they do well, there were walnuts in abundance (always ideal), goji berries, nutmeg, raisins, apricots and almond. I am sure some of you believe that to be rabbit food but you’d be completely and utterly wrong.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter (@ChocoMixUK) and give their website a visit to order your own creation… Go on, you know you want to.


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