A good baker will always rise to the occasion, it’s the yeast he can do

Tonight I tried out a super healthy version of a simple yet delicious loaf of bread and luckily enough I’ve not been hit with a bout of food poisoning… yet.
All you need is some trusty flaxseed, eggs, baking soda, water, ground almonds and a pinch of salt and voila you have a masterpiece.

Crack 4 large eggs into a bowl with 4 tbsp of water and whisk it up. In a separate bowl you need a cup of flaxseed, 1/2 a cup of ground almond, a tsp of baking soda and half a tsp of salt and toss it all around. Add the two mixtures together and whisk again before pouring the mixture straight into a loaf tin.
Mine took about 25 minutes to bake but i imagine it will be different for everyone… Remember to keep checking on it as you don’t want that bad boy to burn.

If I am completely honest, it’s not quite a tiger loaf but as it is gluten free and has half the additions of a ‘normal’ loaf then it makes a pretty great substitute! I do wish I had left it in for a few minutes longer but it tastes brilliant all the same and it still had that lovely noise when you cut into it.

Disaster struck when doing the topping and a jar of Marmite fell out of the cupboard and on to my toast… It happened so fast I couldn’t stop it. At least half of my dinner was Paleo hey?



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