Easy Brownies

If you think you’re useless in the kitchen then give this super simple recipe a whirl and it will leave you feeling like Nigella Lawson.

The first step is to grab your ingredients
A cup of Green & Black’s dark cocoa powder
Half a cup of coffee granules
Three eggs
A tsp of vanilla essence
A tsp of Acacia honey
A tsp of coconut oil
Small tin
Brown baking paper (parchment paper)
Electric handheld whisk

The second step is to throw it all into a bowl and whisk it together then pour it into the tin with baking paper.

Now it is totally down to personal taste as to what you put in the brownies but a personal favourite is raspberries with chunks of dark chocolate and a few walnuts or even chopped mixed nuts.

Tonight I decided to do something a little different and do chunks of dark chocolate, dried cranberries and Macadamia nuts. They were absolutely divine and totally made my Friday night.

That’s right, I had nothing better to do than bake brownies in my pyjamas. What of it?

Happy Bank Holiday weekend to you all and thanks for stopping by.

The Party Starter x


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