A super calorific weekend

This weekend has been jam packed with a whole lot of food, too much alcohol, a hangover and then a sickness bug. Yes, I’m currently feeling extremely horrid and very sorry for myself. You can start playing your violin now please.

Ok, so first off was Saturday’s trip to one of the best places in Cardiff and for an obligatory piece of cake. Pettigrew Tea Room is situated in Cardiff Castle with a beautiful view of Bute Park. Luckily for us the day was gloriously sunny and we could enjoy being outdoors with our lunch. Neither of us could decide if we wanted cake or sandwiches so we had both. Oops!


The sandwiches were divine as usual and as always the brie and fruit chutney was my favourite.
If you’ve never been to Pettigrew please ensure it’s the next on your list because I promise you that you’ll not be disappointed. Their afternoon tea is the best in Cardiff by a mile and amazing value for money!
Now, on to the cake, I usually like to try something a little different when it comes to cake so I opted for the matcha green tea and orange and if I’m completely honest, I think it was the nicest piece of cake I’ve had in a while! Hopefully I’ve done enough to tempt you into visiting but if not… There’s vintage crockery, superb service and a friendly atmosphere. You’ll love it.

Saturday night
I was given the fabulous option of a rooftop cinema on Saturday evening which was an opportunity I couldn’t let slide. When I heard that The Grazing Shed was doing the food I almost screamed!!! That, for me, was one of the major selling points.
The screen was on top of Jacob’s Antique Market in Cardiff and the atmosphere was great!! This was the first screening that Motley Movies is doing this summer and is definitely something I would recommend to everyone. However please dress sensibly as we did not and sat with out teeth chattering through the majority of the film.
So, the burger… How on earth do I describe how amazing the burger was? I don’t know what they use to season their beef but I want in. If I didn’t think I’d be judged for being a fatty I probably would have had another straight after it. Considering the fact it’s National Burger Month I’m pretty certain I’ll be back for some beef goodness in the next week or so. Someone’s got to do it.

Another reason to attend a Motley Movie is the refillable popcorn. Who doesn’t enjoy refillable popcorn? I had the strawberry, blueberry and vanilla popcorn and fell in love. I really do love popcorn.

Just in case any of you girls need another reason to book tickets…. Just get on http://www.fatsoma.com/promoter/motley-movies and pencil Friday 16th May into your diary as they are showing Magic Mike.
If you follow them on Twitter also you’ll be in the know on all information for the night @motleymovies

Sunday was my friend’s ‘birthday night out’ which meant only one thing… TGI Friday’s. Now, this wouldn’t have been my choice of venue but it’s the sort of food that does go down well before a night out. Also, the JD sauce is my favourite sauce ever!

My food was washed down with a bubblegum daiquiri which came complete with popping candy. I sort of felt like a child apart from the fact I was most definitely not drinking cocktails back then.

As any birthday calls for cupcakes I had the most apt cupcakes made as she is completely and utterly obsessed with pizza. Seriously, check these cupcakes out! Deb is a genius and the only person I will go to for cupcakes. Please follow her Facebook page (Honeyb’z Cupcakes) and order some for yourself.

The whole evening was a complete mess of Disaronno and cranberry, Jäger, cocktails, Mango Sourz and a 4am Domino’s pizza.

Bank Holiday Monday was a struggle but when I was asked if I’d like lunch in Cardiff Bay and a trip to the cinema to see Zac Efron’s abs, it didn’t take long for me to shake a leg.
We started off at Signor Valentino where we had a glass of red with some bread and oil before moving on to Las Iguanas for some Mexican goodness! I had a pretty basic option actually but after the night I’d had all I wanted was carbs. The curly fries and fried chicken brioche sandwich with aoli was exactly what my body needed.
My weekend started off eating and ended eating a Ben & Jerry’s Core Sundae.

If only my weekend had started and finished with Zac Efron… I guess I’ll just have to make do with seeing him on the big screen and filling the boyfriend shaped hole in my life with food.
Why change the habit of a life time?


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