Coconut Convert

Since doing Paleo (75% of the time) I’ve had a severe lack of variety in my diet but coconut flour has totally changed that. I was eating far too much flaxseed and the only dessert I’d been able to make was brownies.
Now I can have quiche, cupcakes, wraps and proper bread and pancakes!
Don’t get me wrong, flaxseed is a wonderful thing but it tastes a little ‘flaxseedy’ and everything that you use it for tastes the same.

This coconut flour is my new best friend and you can pick it up at Holland & Barrett pretty cheap!

As I’m now starting to get over the sickness bug and get my appetite back I’ve decided to treat myself to some pancakes.

2 eggs
2 tbsp of coconut flour
2 tsp of vanilla essence
Almond/coconut milk

When you whisk it all together you may find there isn’t enough liquid so just add a dash more milk until you feel the consistency is just right.
I always use coconut oil to cook my food (where necessary) so you’ll need to ensure that’s heating in a small pan whilst you prepare the mix.
Make sure you keep checking on them but they should be around 2-3 minutes either side depending on the size.

My stack was thoroughly enjoyed with some homemade blackberry jam and they have definitely made me feel more human than I did this morning.


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