My quiche is SO quiche

So I’ll just set the scene… The Sex And The City DVD is ready to play, there’s prosecco in a glass and a quiche hot out of the oven. This, is my ideal Saturday night and probably one of the reasons I’m still single. I mean, how will I ever meet Michael Fassbender if I insist on staying in baking Paleo goods?

Hey you, yes YOU, if you’re also staying in on this extremely windy Saturday evening then get your oven mitts ready and see what you think of this.

Ground almond
5 large eggs
Coconut oil
Red onion
1/4 cup of almond milk
Grease proof paper
Baking tin

For the ‘pastry’ tip your 200g bag of ground almond into a bowl with 2 eggs and some softened coconut oil and mix together until it starts to get sticky.
Once you have the right consistency start patting it all into place in the tin.
Mine only needed to be in the oven for 10 minutes but yours may need a little less or a little more. If it rises in the centre, don’t panic… It will go down as it starts to cool.

While the base is cooling heat the onion, mushroom and asparagus in a pan with coconut oil until they start to soften. Now you must start multitasking (so I hope you’re a woman) and cook your bacon. When all these items have cooked you need to pop the vegetables on top of the base along with the now diced bacon. In another bowl whisk the other 3 eggs with the almond milk and pour on top of everything already in the tin.
Then throw it in the oven, check the time, sit back and start watching Carrie Bradshaw and the gals.
It should take around half an hour for it to cook and once it has just leave to cool for ten minutes before slicing and serving.

I have faced up to the fact I’m living my life as a middle aged spinster and I’m cool with that if it means I can eat a whole quiche to myself whilst wearing fluffy slippers



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