Shut your pie hole

So, I’ve finally managed to stop by the new Pieminister in Cardiff to gorge on my very own pie shaped feast. Well, you’re not going to pass up the opportunity of a free Brazilian are you? Yes, the guys at PM have launched a Brazilian pie for the fast approaching World Cup which naturally we thought we needed to try… Just to make sure they are good enough for everyone else to eat of course. The answer would be YES, a massive, pastry filled, YES they are good enough for you to eat and then some.
They do damn good pastry… I probably could have eaten it filled with chocolate without a filling it’s that satisfying. The inside of the Brazilian pie was jam-packed with chicken and chorizo (my love) black beans and sweet potato in a rich tomato sauce with chipotle chilli and paprika and it got a big thumbs up from me! Ok, so my sides, which were extremely hard to settle on as the list was so tempting, were sweet potato fries and chilli and mint peas. Before they arrived I already knew I’d love the sweet potato fries (because who wouldn’t) but I was very curious about the peas and was judging them on the ‘macho peas’ from Nando’s already. Well, I am very sorry to be the one to have tell you this Nando’s, I mean, I love your chicken and all that but your peas… They have nothing on the Pieminister peas. I feel this side should be mandatory for all visitors.
My question for the chefs would be what beautiful tasting alcohol do you put in your gravy to make it taste so darn delicious?

It seemed very fitting when half way through our pies ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ started playing… All I will say to you Tina is that love has got a lot to do with it. My love for food that is… It’s the only healthy (ish) relationship I have right now. I appreciate food and it appreciates my waistline/fat face/thighs right back. It’s a love-hate relationship.
Talking of thighs, we then thought it wise to order dessert, whilst complaining about how full we were. Why do I not possess any willpower or strength you may ask… Bristolbocker Glory would be my response. It is the same as a normal knickerbocker glory but with the added extra of (a very strong) brandy shot and warm chocolate brownies.
They do say “you are what you eat” and I’ve spent a lot of money on food to look the way I do. By food I mean burgers, fries, cake, ice cream, pie, pizza and hotdogs.

What started as a would-be wild Friday night turned into a few calories too many, a mojito and a large pot of tea for two.
If you were wondering who the two old spinsters were, napping on the sofa at Cosy Club last night… That was us.

While you’re out painting the town red this weekend, have a frozen strawberry Daiquiri for me won’t you?


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