Passion tart

You’d be wrong in assuming all 22 year olds would be hungover on a bank holiday Monday… Instead of spending my day hugging a toilet I’ve been casually rustling up a very berry and passion fruit Paleo tart.
I made the recipe up as I went along so it will most likely be better next time around.

200g ground almond
1 cup of coconut flour
2 large eggs
2 tbsp water
1 tsp coconut oil
Vanilla essence
A splash of almond milk
Passion fruit (3)
1 lime
Chopped mixed nuts
Agave nectar
Baking paper
Large bowl


Put ground almond, eggs, vanilla essence coconut oil and coconut flour in your bowl and mix together with hands. If you need to add more liquid this is where you can add the water and almond milk. When it all clumps together you can spread it out in the tin (already lined with baking paper).
Once this is cooking in the oven you can start slicing the strawberries and halving the passion fruit.

The base should take about 10-15 minutes but you’ll know when it’s ready for the fruit. Remember to let it cool first.
Ok, so now you can line the ‘pastry’ with the strawberries, then top with raspberries, then blueberries, then passion fruit. Before putting it back in the oven sprinkle some chopped nuts, grate some like and squeeze some agave nectar over the top.
It only needs to be in for 10 minutes, just enough to warm the fruit.


It’s probably totally wrong to have tart for dinner but I’m not even sorry about it. It tasted far too good to feel any sort of remorse.

In fact, I couldn’t even control myself enough to take a photo before cutting it… So here’s the Pacman-like finished product.


Happy eating x


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