Nice to see you again London…

People always ask why I insist on visiting London so regularly and my response is always the same… Why the hell not? The list of amazing restaurants is endless and I’m obsessed with & Other Stories.
So when my friend asked if I wanted to go up Saturday, of course, my answer was “is that a rhetorical question?”.

After much deliberation and about a million conversations we finally concluded that we would have lunch at The Rum Kitchen in Kingly Court just off Carnaby Street.
It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Now, I’d already chosen what I was going to eat before arriving so I had very clammy hands by the time we sat down. I went for the soft shell crab burger, which came in a brioche bun with lime and guava relish and by gosh was it good… And enormous. In fact it was a tower of deliciousness.

I eat sweet potato pretty often but I don’t know what they had done to their fries to make them taste so special. Come on guys… Spill. I want to know your secret.
My friend went for a more traditional Caribbean meal of jerk chicken and from the tasting session I did that was to die for as well. There was super tasty, juicy and succulent chicken going on there.

I would highly recommend a visit to The Rum Kitchen and if you’re not close to Soho there’s one in Notting Hill too. Go easy on the cocktails though… They are ALL full of rum. No surprise there.

After an afternoon filled with Topshop, Zara, & Other Stories and Victoria’s Secret we retired to Camellia’s Tea House, which again is in Kingly Court. It’s only a small place but the range of food and tea on offer is wonderful. It didn’t take me long to decide which cake I wanted. As soon as I saw the word ‘rose’ it was a done deal.

Now do you see why it was a given? I’m in love with anything that’s rose related… In the food department anyway. If you’re thinking about buying me flowers I’m more or a Peony kinda gal.
To accompany my doorstop sized piece of rose, pistachio and raspberry cake I had a berry iced tea and both went down a treat after a very long and very tiring day. The only things that would have made it any better would be if I was sat in my pyjamas, with no make up on, watching Penny Dreadful whilst eating it.


I’ll be back again in a few weeks so you can wait with baited breath to find out where I eat then. We are currently going through an extensive list and doing research. Hey, it’s an important decision.

@therumkitchen (Twitter and Instagram)
@camellia_teas (Twitter)


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