To celebrate the fact it’s Friday and the fact it’s National Donut Day, I channelled my inner Homer Simpson and whipped up some of those delicious rings of dough and sugar.
Now, as we (It’s on Cardiff) are doing a month of health and fitness I’ve attempted Paleo donuts and considering they were moderately healthy I wasn’t left wanting to fill a fatty ‘hole’… Get it? Do nut (yes, I made another funny) expect to taste a Krispy Kreme or a sugary ring from Barry Island as that’s not what you’ll get. What you will get is a much lighter, healthier tasting ring with an almond glaze. Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty, glazed ring?
Ok, you’ve got plenty of time to buy the ingredients and get your apron on… The day is still young.
For the full recipe head over to the website



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