I’m gon’ party like it’s my birthday

So, as you may be able to tell it’s been my birthday and I think I’ve celebrated for the last two weeks. You totally have to take advantage of birthday month though as calories don’t count.
It’s been a marvellous month of food, cocktails, shopping and amazing time spent with amazing people. I really do have some wonderful friends.
My first birthday treat was an evening at The Potted Pig… It was my first and definitely not my last visit. As soon as I sat down and had a bowl of freshly made pork scratchings thrown in my face I knew it was going to be my new favourite place.
I opted for roast duck breast and by Christ was it good… It was cooked to absolute perfection. The confit duck leg that accompanied it was also divine. Hats off to the chef.

For dessert it had to be one of my all time favourites… Panacotta. When I saw it was elderflower and was served with rhubarb I think I almost fell off my seat. Three amazing things all rolled up into one dessert. I mean COME ON.

By the time I left I think my dress had almost split… It was money well spent. It was one of those meals where you wake up the next morning and you’re still full. Personally, I love that feeling…. You know you’ve had your money’s worth at least PLUS you don’t need breakfast.

On Saturday I went for afternoon tea with the girls to celebrate the fact I turned the ripe old age of 23. I have loved Cinnamon Sticks since the first time I went so wanted to introduce all of my friends to the amazing Becky, delicious food and vintage brilliance.


The food was ridiculous. I mean, by the time I’d finished I thought I was going to physically give birth either to a slice of lavender cake or a roast pork and homemade stuffing sandwich. Seriously. I could almost see my chin growing as I was eating… Not that it stopped me.
This was my first experience of candles in clotted cream and jam. There’s always a first I suppose…


Not only have there been meals left, right and centre but there has been an abundance of cupcakes. Not that I’m complaining. Again, my mum’s friend has come up trumps and whipped up two batches of absolutely, ridiculously, clever and delicious cake. Seriously, why have you not ordered your own yet?


Yes, before you ask, they are not beef burgers and are in fact cupcakes.

Today I spent the day with my fabulous mother, shopping and eating Italian in Cardiff. After spending a little too much money and sweating my face off getting annoyed by the heat we decided to call upon our little favourite… Giovanni’s on the Hayes.
Who’d have thought vodka would have tasted good with salmon and penne pasta? Whoever thought of it, I owe you one. It was top notch and enormous. I think it may have been the most carbs and cheese I’ve eaten in one sitting in a few weeks.

So, in total, my week has been absolutely fantastic and I’ve loved every minute of it. If you’ve forgotten to send me anything, I always enjoy Peonies (I’ve mentioned that once before), Prosecco, cooking utensils and Topshop/Zara vouchers. I don’t mind getting gifts late.

My birthday isn’t quite over yet … I have a weekend break in London to look forward to with ‘That Cardiff Girl’ (http://thatcardiffgirl.com) who is waiting until Saturday morning to give me my present. Hopefully she’s sorted a weekend with Michael Fassbender, Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch for me. If it’s anything less I’m not going to be her friend any more.

Happy birthday to me 🎂


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