Bloated and broke

Yes, I am both absolutely bloated and absolutely broke since attending the food festival in Cardiff Bay yesterday. I mean, if you’re going to offer me every cheese, cider, oil, vinegar, wine and sweet treat known to man kind then I am most certainly going to try them. With the weather on it’s best behaviour I headed down with a few of my girlfriends to eat all the food.
The first thing we did was head towards the Norwegian church to inspect the farmer’s market. Within 10 minutes I had purchased two jars of marmalade and a toffee crêpe.

I am very much looking forward to eating toast soon, which may sound absurd but when I add my pink grapefruit marmalade I think there’ll be a party going on in my mouth. I would invite you all but there’s only enough room for me… Plus I wouldn’t want to be judged when I face plant the jar.
The next naughty nicety that was sneakily purchased was a bag of Welsh cake fudge from Oh Sugarplum. The small squares of divine fudge have fruit and spices included which all in all makes for a damn good piece of fudge.
When we saw the words elderflower and wine we were four very happy gals. Yes, you read that right… ELDERFLOWER WINE. It is most probably my favourite wine ever. The woman didn’t have much of a task trying to sell them to us.
When we strolled back over to the festival I was amazed at how busy it had got…

I made a beeline for The Chocolate Brownie Company stall to ensure I went home with a box of their delightfully gooey chunks of deliciousness. Yes I had 8 and yes I ate them all to myself. I’m not even sorry.
I’m also not sorry for buying yet more sweet stuff in the form of a sticky toffee flapjack slab. I would say slice but I could probably have used it to build a wall. I think, of all the items I’ve eaten so far from the festival that was one of my favourite things. I have no words to describe it.
For lunch we swapped queues three times due a huge lack of indecisiveness. Should we get curry or lamb burgers? Venison nachos or crab and chips? In the end we went for olive falafel wraps which were enormous and got the better of us completely.


If you were expecting more photos of the brownies or flapjack you’ll be highly disappointed. They are long gone guys. I don’t think they made it longer than ten minutes in my house before I’d demolished the lot.


We had a wonderful day and ate far too many types of cheese, cake, garlic mayo, bread and oil but if you’re going to a food festival you’ve got to forget about calories right? I know I’m right.
To top it all off I now have a wife beater-esque tan line. How mortifying.

Brownie lovin’

Happy with the amount of fudge

Yes, we waited for the crêpe station to open.


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