Well, Amsterdam… How can I describe Amsterdam? I feel it is nigh on impossible to describe it in one word. There’s so much going on there that it feels like you’ve visited about three different cities. You’ve got the beautiful buildings and canals, followed by the Red Light District and an abundance of ‘coffee shops’ which then rolls over to lots of history and museums. It’s a wonderful place that’s for sure and definitely one I shall be visiting again in the not so distant future!

We stayed in a village called Sloterdijk which I am so not mature enough to handle. I will say, it isn’t a central location and meant a lot of travelling but luckily there’s a large station situated there with regular tram and train links.

We also had unbearable heat the entire weekend which resulted in me almost sweating my hair off my head. Not literally… However you get where I am with it. The sun hat I purchased beforehand seemed like such a good idea until it caused actual beads of sweat to form on my forehead… Not quite the look I was going for.
I think it is fair to say I drank about 9 litres of peach iced tea, lemon iced tea and sparking iced tea in the three days we were there.

My favourite thing about Amsterdam is the vast amount of little pastry and waffle shops dotted around all over the place… I had been told about them before I left so I had my beady eyes open as soon as we got to Dam square.


You’d think I’d be put off food with all the heat but no, sadly I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

If you’ve ever visited Amsterdam and not been to The Supperclub then shame on you. It’s a must. I think it has won a little place in my heart for it’s delightful decor, fabulous staff and it’s crusty bread. The only downside is I now want to eat all my meals on a white bed with a half naked man spinning around on material in front of me. It was one of the most random, hilarious and unforgettable nights I’ve ever had and I genuinely do think everyone should experience the kooky place for themselves. The surprise menus and awesome entertainment are different every evening which makes your night unique to anyone else’s… That to me, is a huge selling point.





On a serious note, if you are visiting Amsterdam any time soon I can’t recommend this place enough… have a look on their website and get it booked. It will be a night you’ll never forget I can promise you that.
I also recommend the double trouble

Of course, we did the obligatory I am Amsterdam visit… It didn’t happen if you don’t have a picture of that sign.

As you can see, or maybe not, you’re so much better off heading there first thing in the morning or last thing at night… lunchtime was a huge mistake.

Thanks to a Seth Rogen sound-alike we found a ‘chic’ little coffee shop which sold the best cake ever. Now, I’m not saying it was all chocolate but I do remember it being absolutely delicious. As the saying goes… When in Rome.

Talking of being in Rome, you HAVE to give the Red Light District a whirl even if it’s for a fleeting visit. That, without a shadow of a doubt is the most interesting place I’ve ever come across. I don’t know what I imagined it to be like but it certainly wasn’t what it is. It’s seedy without being sleazy, in your face without being in your face and strange without being uncomfortable. I mean, there was a moment when I came across a pair of leather chaps that I didn’t know where to look for the best but other than that it’s just indescribable when you’re walking down there. I constantly felt myself wondering how the women end up doing a job like that?! It was an eye opener if nothing else.
The sex museums are also hilarious… I couldn’t even deal with the word Sloterdijk so I had no hope when in the Erotic Museum. What I did appreciate is how liberal and relaxed everything is over there. If I bought a pack of playing cards in Cardiff that involved a corn on the cob and women’s anatomy I think I’d be pretty upset.

Overall Amsterdam is most definitely a place you have to visit at least once in your life. It’s such a cultural, fast paced and beautiful city which isn’t all about the Red Light District and the legal highs contrary to popular belief. Plus, if you fly with KLM you get free Dutch biscuits on the flight over… Score!










Next stop, Barcelona ✈️


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