Ok so when you think of afternoon tea, I imagine the first things you think of are finger sandwiches, scones and cake? Yes, that would be pretty standard and what you’re likely to get 98% of the time. If you’re after something fit for Royalty then Tickety-boo is the one for you.

Tickety-boo has been started up by two lovely ladies from Gloucester who not only do afternoon tea but hire out vintage crockery etc for weddings, make cakes for special occasions and they also do catering for picnics. So if you’ve got a wedding coming up or a proposal you’re planning but can’t think how to do it then I think you’re in luck.
As we all know, vintage makes everything that little bit better.

Luckily for me I was able to appreciate the sugar and carbs in the most quaint cottage in Gloucester.
Now, on to the important stuff…
The sandwiches included egg mayonnaise, cucumber, smoked salmon and ham with mustard. Of course, sandwiches are always more enjoyable when they are cut into fingers.


Just to warn you, I could talk about the cakes all day so please ensure you’ve given yourself enough time to finish reading.

The scones were, without a shadow of doubt, the best scones I’ve ever tasted. They were light and delicious and with the accompaniment of fresh clotted cream and homemade raspberry and rhubarb jam there was a party going on in my mouth.
The next sweet treat I had was a choux swan. I have never seen a choux swan on an afternoon tea menu before… in fact, I’ve never seen a choux swan, period. A choux swan. A choux SWAN. The pastry was perfect and made for a lovely change from the norm.

The swan was ever so quickly followed by a little lemon posset, which was one of my favourite things. I always like posset but I strongly believe a zesty lemon posset half way through a tea keeps things light, refreshing and in fact makes you want to eat more… if that’s even possible?
The rest of the cakes, which again were homemade, ranged from mini Victoria sponge, mini coffee and walnut cake, lemon and raspberry loaf, lemon curd sandwich to strawberry shortcake. Each and every one of the miniatures were dreamy and made things personal and when things are that small calories aren’t even worth counting. I mean, if it can go down in two bites it’s just a taster right? I do love a mini cake.


The pièce de résistance was the double layer raspberry surprise cake which was absolutely enormous. When it comes to cake I am a firm believer of the saying “go big or go home” and when I placed my eyes on it, I most certainly wasn’t going home.


I feel the cute photo of my grandfather is so necessary.

The inside of said cake was a heart shaped ring filled with cream and raspberries and once I’d finally cut a slice (house brick) we were able to witness it in all its glory.


I know you’re all sat in your pyjamas, waiting for your Sunday roast, wishing you had an afternoon tea booked in with Tickety-boo so put the Hollyoaks omnibus on pause and pick up your phone. You know it feels right.

Please be sure to follow them on Twitter (@ticketyvintage) and ‘like’ their Facebook page to get all the contact details you’ll need.

For the full list of all that’s on offer, check out Tickety-Boo’s official website

You’ll thank me for it when you’re tucking into some scrumptious delights x


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