Think Thin

After a recent trip to Whole Foods I was totally up for some healthy eating again after about three months of eating off, what seemed like, a conveyor belt of carbs. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love me some carbs but my thighs have not been entirely happy about it.
The thought of being sat next to That Cardiff Girl in a tapas bar in Barcelona has made me want to only eat a lettuce leaf every day for the next two weeks but of course that’s not going to happen. What I can do, is eat super ‘clean’ and at least make myself feel less Free Willy and more Christina Hendricks and just hope for the best.

I’ve got Nakd bars coming out of my ears, coconut oil and an abundance of assorted nuts in my ‘health cupboard’ and I’m ready to make some Paleo delights.


That means there’ll be plenty of cauliflower pizza, my homemade quiche, courgetti, fresh soup, sweet potato chips, brownies and eggs galore. You’ll be happy to know I’m going to be posting a wonderful ‘cheese’cake recipe in the next day or so which tastes like heaven without making you add extra notches on your belt.

I’ve even treated myself to a new blender to juice myself up. Yes, I may sound like a woman possessed and you would be right… Apart from the meals I have planned for Friday and Sunday of course.
Seriously though, there is no better way of getting your vitamins in than a tasty smoothie and I’ve been doing just that for the past week. I intend on getting a bit more adventurous with it and have a berry, mint and lime recipe in my mind.


So by Christmas I most definitely will look like this… Really, I will.


Oh Marina I have a massive girl crush on you.

Yeah, big thanks to Whole Foods for putting me back on track and also for allowing me to make my own nut butter.

Keep doing what you’re doing x


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