A cupcake a day never hurt anyone

in fact, they generally make it a whole lot better.

I thought it was about time a single blog post was written solely for my cupcake magician Deb Honeyball and as I’ve stayed in this evening watching Tumble and Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor now is as good a time as any.

Now I post a lot of photos of these extraordinary cupcakes and constantly get asked where I buy them, which lead me to think that everyone needs to appreciate Deb and her wonderful cake making ability. Not only are they a joy to look at and taste but the fact that she is self taught just goes to show how much of a talent she really has.
Before you ask, I have not been asked (or paid) to write this review I just felt the need to shout from the rooftop broadcast it all over social media just how much I adore her work.
If you have a shadow of doubt as to whether she would be able to make your requirement she will always, always, always give it a try and has always succeeded where I am concerned. There is never a task too big or complicated for Mrs Honeyball and for that I applaud her!
If someone asked me to throw together some Wizard of Oz or sheep cupcakes I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

So I think the real question here is have you ‘liked’ the Facebook page yet? If the answer is “no” then I feel it will totally add meaning and excitement to your life if you do it right now.

Just for you to stare at with an air of lust this evening here are some pictures to tide you over until you’ve ordered your own box.


















Yes, Deb also does filled cupcakes! If you want salted caramel, banoffee or even lemon curd in the centre as a nice little surprise it is done. No questions asked.

The cupcakes are perfect for a birthday or any other special occasion but they are just as perfect for a random week where you feel the only way you’re going to make it to the weekend is with a huge surge of sugar.

Let me know when you’ve ordered your own… I know it’s when and not if.


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