“Sing for me”

So, once again, I have spent a weekend in my favourite place in the world. This time however it feels like I’ve not stopped… Which is most likely why I have an abundance of blisters all over my poor feet.
I was mentally counting down the days to this trip as I had amazing plans with even more amazing company. My cousin has lived in London for three years now but due to his job at British Airways it seemed nigh on impossible to catch him while I was in town. This weekend I was lucky enough to plan a whole day with him and a stay at his flat in Chiswick.
First stop was Oxford Circus for a quick (ish) look in & Other Stories which always, always results in a purchase. We swiftly moved on from there to the Shell tower directly behind the London Eye! If you’re one of the lucky few who is invited to the VIP area right at the very top of the building you get the most breathtaking views over London. The majority of people get their pictures from the Eye itself but we were lucky enough to get it in our pictures!


After a quick stop at the All Bar One in Westminster for a mandatory glass of Prosecco we made our way to the marvellous BRGRCO in Soho. I’ve been dying to get in here since finding them on Instagram and more so because they do afternoon tea with a beefy twist. If you love burgers and also afternoon tea then you need to try this bad boy out and for £17 it’s literally a steal. Ok, so you get three sliders (perfect if you can’t choose what burger to eat), a mini fries (I could’ve eaten another bucket of), a Bellini, an iced tea, a mini vanilla milkshake, a mini salted caramel doughnut, a mini brownie and a mini strawberry cheesecake. Seriously, it was so cute yet manly at the same time! I think they are on to a winner with this. I’ve yet to come across anywhere that does it and does it so well and when you’re in as good a location as they are you really can’t go far wrong. If you’re good with London it’s super easy to find, make your way to Wardour Street and it’s right next to the Chipotle.

If all that food wasn’t enough, or you’re just a big fat greedy pie, like me, then you could stop off at the Hummingbird just down the road. I mean, I obviously didn’t do that as I’m a lady who watches her weight…… but you could. I recommend the red velvet whoopie pie. Oops, I think I gave the game away.


After a pornstar martini, a mai tai and another glass of Prosecco we finally made it to Her Majesty’s Theatre and sat down in the second row and waited for the show to begin. Phantom of the Opera is my all time favourite musical and just hearing the music gives me chills every time. The experience was outstanding and the entire cast were out of this world. The Phantom may not have been quite as good looking as Gerard Butler but my god could he sing! Yes, I will admit I was close to tears throughout the entire performance. I’m already trying to arrange when I can go back and see it again. Just wow. If you’re a Phantom fan and have yet to see it in London I urge you to go ASAP. I booked my tickets through Ticketmaster and they were delivered to my house within a week.

Saturday called for good and bad news. The good being that my lovely friend Jade was on her way up for a day of shopping and lunch, the bad that my other lovely friend Alex was super ill and wouldn’t be able to join us. We stuck with the plans Alex had made for us anyway and I am truly thankful for that. I’d never even heard of The Riding House Café I am ashamed to say but now I’ve been I’m pretty certain I will be back. As usual, I’d already taken a sneaky peek at the menu and had decided on the pancakes with clotted cream but after already enjoying a day of sweet treats my body was crying out for something savoury.

Avocado on toast always fits the bill especially when accompanied by balsamic vinegar and a pot of tea. I have already decided that next time I visit I’m having a glass of champagne and the lobster benedict… now all I need is someone to go with.
Of course, the shopping followed on from this including a marvellous little turn around Liberty in which I did some birthday present shopping. When we realised the Christmas shop had opened we power walked to the lift. EEEEEEEEEK is near enough all I can say about it. The decorations in there were so delightful!! I wanted every single thing. I limited myself to one decoration to surprise my mum with and it took a long time deciding which to go for. Is it wrong that I want to quit my job and work in the Christmas department all year long? I feel my calling in life is to be Mrs Claus. Santa, you can officially remove your Tinder profile… I’m your woman.

If you’re into your Italian coffee and chocolate then I most definitely think you’ll love SAID London in Soho. We only stopped off for an iced tea but we found ourselves falling more in love with it the longer we stayed. The display counter is FULL of homemade Italian chocolate of all varieties and in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We particularly liked the chocolate teacup and saucer. Had we not been wandering around London in the sun and getting a bus home we most likely would’ve left armed with dozens of chocolates.

Next on the busy agenda was another much anticipated burger joint, Honest Burger. Yet again, this place has been on my to-do list for some time and I am thankful to have finally ticked it off. Honest has taken over from Meat Liquor as my favourite place to eat in London! Yes, it was busy and yes it is only tiny but it is so worth the wait. The burgers are heaven in a brioche bun. We went to the Honest in Market Place which, as you might already know, is perfect for a break from the shops on Oxford Street. It took us a little while to decide what we wanted but once we had we waited for the impending food coma, stared at everyone else’s food and started to drool. Jade went for the chicken burger and I ordered the special which was again, Spanish… I’m still not over Barcelona. Ok, so it was beef with crispy lomo ham, gluten free romesco sauce, tetilla cheese and grilled peppers all wrapped up in a bun with some lettuce. All the burgers come with rosemary salted chips which were ludicrously tasty and I had to have chipotle mayo for dipping.


My Jamie jeans felt a little snug once we left but it was totally worth it. Honest, you honestly do the best burgers in London.

It was now time to make our way back to Victoria Station bypassing Peggy Porschen to purchase some sweet treats. My friend Sarah told me of Peggy and her cakes and I am extremely grateful for this. How I did not know about it when it is just down the road from the coach station is beyond me!! This will now be the traditional stop off before heading home every time I’m in the big smoke.

As soon as I saw the pink shop front I had a sugar rush and couldn’t wait to see what was inside!! The strawberry and champagne cupcake was the obvious choice for me. It was also very exciting for Jade who managed to buy her first ever macarons.
It was the perfect way to end our day trip and I’m sure I’ll be taking many more white and pink boxes away with me.


London, once again I thank you for having me. I love everything about you and wish I could be in your presence a great deal more than I am already. One day, I’ll be lucky enough to be with you every single day x


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