It’s someone’s birthday somewhere right?

Some people may watch Man V Food when they are bored (yes, Stacey, that would be you) but I bake cakes.
To me, cake and a cup of tea with honey make my day a whole lot better and yesterday, after a long ol’ day in work and nothing to do with my evening, I decided to whip out my mitts. My oven mitts.
When you’ve been single for as long as me you too will have perfected the perfect sponge. I know what you’re thinking, I went off the rails a long time ago.


8 Oz self raising flour
8 Oz butter
8 Oz caster sugar
4 eggs
1tsp baking powder
2 tsp vanilla extract
A spoon for finishing the left over mixture
A cake tin
A handheld whisk
Possibly grease proof paper (depending on what type of tin you’re using)

Preheat your oven to around 180.
Chuck all the measured ingredients into a bowl with 4 cracked eggs and whisk to your heart’s content.
Now, I have a rubber loaf tin which I decided to use but you can put it in any form tin you like. Just note, this is enough to make both layers of a Victoria Sponge for example.
Once the mixture is smooth enough to pour into your chosen tin, do that.
The next step is bunging it in the oven, flicking the kettle on, kicking back and watching Made in Chelsea from last night. Optional.

The time is questionable and all comes down to the sort of tin you’ve used. I’d advise leaving it for 15-20 minutes before checking it out. The easiest way to do that is with a knife… Poke it in and if the knife comes out wet it probably needs a few more minutes. In total mine hit around the 30 minute mark.

Don’t get excited and start adding the toppings when you’ve taken it out of the oven though will you? You could be left with a huge mess and a lot of cleaning.
For me, it was an easy choice of strawberry jam and some fruit crumble I had knocking about. You, on the other hand, could slather it in Nutella, buttercream or anything you can get your hands on. You could even add chocolate chips to the mix before baking. Mix it up a little.
This recipe is so versatile and easy to make that you could try something different every week. Don’t blame me if you turn into a sponge though.


So, tell me, what delights are you putting on yours?


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