Carb Face

Yep, I think it’s safe to say I endured a serious case of carb face after yet another day in London.
Wednesday was spent travelling to the big smoke as one of my oldest and dearest friends was in town on a flight with her new employer, Emirates. Rhiann has been in Dubai for months now and as soon as we knew she was that close we had no choice but to get our asses to London. It was the perfect day filled with Christmas shopping, gossip, wine, Christmas lights and all the pizza.
Of course, every day has to start with a substantial breakfast and when is cake ever wrong that early in the morning? I’ve been to Peggy’s before and knew it would be the perfect choice. As soon as I saw the words salted and caramel it was a done deal… I had to have that cake in my face.


Gingerbread cupcake, salted caramel cake, cloud cake.

Now of course, I was pushy about where I wanted to eat and forced my choice of Pizza Pilgrims upon the girls. I mean, it didn’t take much to persuade them. I usually opt for burgers when in London but have recently had a huge desire for pizza. Pizza Pilgrims is a place I’ve had my beady eyes on for months and holy hell am I glad we visited. We dined in the one in Soho as it’s one of my favourite areas and I know my way around pretty well. After much deliberation I chose the portobello mushroom and truffle (specifically because I am obsessed with truffle oil) and all I will say is, not a single morsel was left on the plate.

It’s the kind of place that’s perfect for a mid-shop lunch, cocktails and just for somewhere casual to meet friends. Another thing that will most likely sell it to you is the Nutella rings for dessert. Yes, you did read that correctly! A ring of dough with Nutella and ricotta inside. Of course we had to try one to share or we wouldn’t have experienced the place well enough. Seriously. It was heaven on a plate. I don’t even think there are enough wonderful words in the English dictionary to describe how divine it was. Just go and find out for yourself.


Our little cupcake Rhiann wanted to see the poppies while she was in town and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and done. I only wish I’d been there on Tuesday to see it. I am so glad I’ve been lucky enough to see it but they should most definitely be there all year around. You can’t put a time frame on respect.



This week will be full of chicken, eggs and vegetables in preparation for a feast at The Depot in Cardiff next weekend for Stacey’s birthday.

I’ll keep you posted


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