The Haka, sausage and thighs

If you guessed the New Zealand rugby team from the above description then you’re almost correct. Last night was my first visit to Street Food Cardiff at the Depot and it did involve the NZ v Wales game but with a little bit of sausage on the side.
The food scene in Cardiff has totally changed over the last few years and I think it was well overdue. The food culture was pretty bland and ‘chainy’ but now thanks to the mastermind/s behind this idea and the amazing people of Cardiff who own pop ups we are now able to gather people of the same mind in one place to eat all the food and drink all the beer. There have been plenty of pop ups around Cardiff of late and in my mind this is a genius idea and one that shouldn’t end December 31st. We still have the Riverside Market every weekend which is also one of my favourites and worth a trip if you’ve not been but there’s something about being in a depot on a derelict street, trying to choose between a hot dog with popping candy, souvlaki or a Thai curry that just works. The Atmosphere in the Depot was absolutely brilliant and the way it has been laid out and decorated is a little bit magical. It was lovely to see such an array of nationalities, age and gender as I did worry that it was going to be way too hipster.
What I will say though, if you’re planning on visiting next weekend and you’re a group of girls, Dumballs Road isn’t the nicest road to be walking down late at night in the dark. Try and gather as many people as you can and you’ll be fine. It was pretty eery but with the prospect of great food on the horizon it kept us power walking as fast as our little legs could carry us.




So, I visited with some of my favourites last night and it was a great place to catch up, eat food and drink some pretty great beer. Jade and I headed straight for the beer pumps while Nina went a little bit Mexican on us and had a Margarita.
The food… Oh the food. There was so much choice that it took around half an hour to decide on something and now I need to go back next week to try something different. By next week I mean every single weekend until it ends. Last night, we all went Haute Dogs and I think the main reason for that much deliberated choice all boiled down to the idea of popping candy and Coca Cola soaked onions with a sausage all wrapped up in a brioche bun. Nina was first to make her choice and after seeing hers it gave me major food envy. Haute Dogs have been on my radar for a little while now and I was excited to finally try out what everyone has been talking about. The only thing wrong with it was that it left me wanting ten more… Which, could have been possible. Whoever thought sweets and sausage would go so well together?! The sweetness, the hotness of the Sriracha sauce, the sausage and the brioche bun fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. It works for me anyway and by the looks of it, a lot of other people who were there last night too.

Look at it. Try and tell me you don’t think that looks delicious. I totally recommend the Portland.
Talking of delicious I’ll tell you about something else that was just that…
The Brulee Bar.


If you know me well you’d know which was the obvious choice for me. Anything with the words sticky, toffee, salted or caramel in will always be a winner. As you can see, I was in luck, there was an option on the menu with ALL of the above words in. Bingo!
The idea of a pop up Brûlée bar is marvellous as it’s a dessert often associated with ‘posh people’. It so isn’t… It’s one of the most special desserts known to man. The crack before eating, the perfectly set custard and then the toppings. THE TOPPINGS. There were actual pieces of sticky toffee pudding on top with salty caramel sauce drizzled all over it. Heaven. It was actually heaven. That’s all. Heaven. It was the perfect follow up to that god damn sausage. Basically, my night was probably better than your night. Seriously.



Next week I’m all about the pizza from Doughboys and yes, I already know which one I want.
This van will be my first port of call.

I want in.


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