Is there such a thing as too much sausage?

… I don’t think so. Just to clarify, when I say sausage, i do mean sausage of the pork variety. This isn’t a game of innuendo bingo and I’m not Nigella Lawson. Last night I fell in love with a new (ish) place in Cardiff called Hogwurst.
I’ve been dying to get in there since reading all about it at The Plate Licked Clean‘s blog.
If you’re a hotdog fan then this is the venue for you. No questions asked. They cater for everyone and it’s not all fancy toppings. They have your standard hotdogs of course, a chip ‘butty’, pulled pork and then plenty of choice if you fancy something a little different. To make matters a hundred times better, it doesn’t even break the bank… In fact, it’s the complete opposite.
As soon as we got there we felt totally at home and there was such a friendly vibe in there. I adore the way it’s been decorated, especially the little wooden desks and mirrors. It looks shabby whilst being cutesy at the same time. I love a casual atmosphere when eating so felt comfortable as soon as I opened the door.
I’d usually go for something with chilli or jalapeños but the ‘Slum Dog’ completely stood out for me and I’m so happy I went for it. I was curious what the curry sauce would taste like with the sausage but it was marvellous. In fact, it was positively top drawer.

The Slum Dog
The Chilli Dog

My teeny, tiny friend Sarah chose the Chilli Dog (above) which was exactly what it says on the tin. It’s probably what I’m likely to have on my return. I love the fact it has mozzarella cheese on it as a well as cheddar; more cheese the better in my eyes.
We decided to go for a mixture of sweet potato fries and then the ‘Orchard fries’ which were fries with apple and cider vinegar and sea salt. The choice was extremely hard to make as there’s also an option with truffle which is one of my favourite things in the world.
So, in a nutshell I loved the vibe, the decor, the sausage, the options, the bread, how everything was served, the fact it’s BYO and the fact there are homemade baked goods on offer for dessert.

Carrot and orange fairy cakes

In fact, we fell so much in love we’ve decided to do our Christmas gift exchange there, hopefully over some festive specials and more ginger beer.

Ps. You definitely are ze best.


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