It’s all about the wrapping

I’m, apparently, one of those strange people who get way too excited about Christmas way too early in the year. I absolutely disagree. What’s not to love about Christmas? The lights, the decorations, the tree, the atmosphere, the mulled wine, time spent with family and friends, buying Christmas presents, turkey, mince pies, Christmas jumpers, ice skating, markets and last, but by no means least, wrapping presents. Now, at this point you could definitely class me as strange as I have one or two nights in December where I do the same thing; wrap the presents, listen to a Christmas album, drink red wine and indulge in something festive. This is one of my favourite parts of Christmas.
Of course, my paper and accessories would’ve been carefully thought out in Marks & Spencer and chances are I would’ve bought 80% of my presents before it even hits December.
This year I was every part the female cliché and had my Michael Buble album on full blast, obligatory glass (large) of Châteauneuf-du-Pape to hand and put away an entire bar of the limited edition Dairy Milk.


The festivities are well under way now and my diary is filling up nicely. This weekend I am going to be hitting the Christmas market in Bath and exchanging gifts with some of my favourite people over a Mexican Sunday lunch at Wahaca

I hope you’re all getting into the Christmas spirit too.


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