Mexican Christmas

The time for Secret Santa arrived today and I must say, it took every ounce of my being not to turn up dressed as Father Christmas with a hessian sack thrown over my shoulder.

Wahaca , as you probably already know, is a new one to hit Cardiff so it seemed an obvious choice for a relaxed Sunday lunch. For the first time in my life I fancied a salad. That wasn’t a figment of your imagination by the way, I actually ordered a salad. Does it actually count as healthy if it’s in a giant tortilla bowl and doused in hot sauce though? Probably not. Obviously my salad was also eaten with a side of sweet potato as I HAD to have some form of potato with my lunch. It was good and considering it is part of a chain I would happily say it is the best Mexican we’ve probably got right in the city centre. I do think I was expecting so much that it was easy for me to be ever so slightly disappointed but that’s because the hype was huge. I would definitely recommend the salad and that’s not something I thought I would ever say.


Whenever I spend time with my favourite girls I always go home smiling. It’s so weird to think we only met each other this year and it feels like we’ve been friends for years and years. I look forward to spending more time with Stacey, Jade, Nina and WGP and making more wonderful memories with them in 2015. Sharon, on the other hand, I can’t get rid of.

Cupcakes. Standard.

Christmas 2014 will consist of lots of marshmallow making.


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