Just to make you aware, I took one, measly picture while visiting the Burger & Lobster in Cardiff this week. I blame that on the good company I was in as it was the last thing on my mind. Does that make me the worst food blogger in the world?
Anyway, it wasn’t my first visit to a B&L but it was my first to the new and shiny restaurant to grace Cardiff. I was pleasantly surprised with the way they’ve done it out in there… It looks brilliant and is definitely bigger than the branch I went to in Soho.
I had the lobster when in London, which I can recommend happily, as long as you’re into seafood that is. For me, trying new things when revisiting a restaurant is a must so the burger seemed an obvious choice. When I visit next, which I undoubtedly will, it will be the lobster roll.
So for all you Burger & Lobster virgins, the only menu available involves drinks. With regards to the food, it’s pretty simple; there’s lobster, burger or lobster roll. Whatever you order will cost you £20 which I think is very reasonable for the sheer amount of food you receive.

I always appreciate being asked how I want my patty cooked when ordering a burger and the answer will always be rare where possible and if not, medium rare. Another major plus point was the possibility of adding both cheese and bacon to your order. Why would the answer to that question ever be no?
Unfortunately I failed abysmally and left all the bun and some of my fries… Please don’t judge me just yet as this wasn’t due to me being on a diet but because I ate this for breakfast.

Yes, you can judge me for being tubby now.

If you’re still questioning whether you’re going to give it a go… You get to wear a bib. You’re welcome.

Lobster roll, I’ll be seeing you in 2015.


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