The ‘start as I mean to go on’ diet

While everyone around me has been getting back into their diet and fitness regime after two weeks of stuffing their faces over Christmas, I’m just here… Behaving exactly as I did pre Christmas.
With this being the first weekend after our dreaded return to work I’ve made the most of my time off by eating. Of course, the thought of me eating is definitely not anything new or surprising and I plan on starting 2015 as I mean to go on.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying a little harder to get back into healthy eating during the week but on the weekend I will be eating everything in sight.
This weekend has been delightful and I’ve spent every day with my favourite people.

Friday was the return of Hogwurst and catching up with Nina, Jade and WGP after Christmas. Once again, the sausage was wonderful and I am already trying to plan when to go back next; their breakfast sausages are on my list.
I chose the ‘Hogamama’ with truffle fries this time and not only was it super tasty but it was so filling I had to commit a crime and leave my brioche bun. Nina had ‘Ze German’ OBVS and WGP and Jade had the ‘Glam Dog’, both of which also looked perfect.
We always laugh from the get go so naturally we left with abs of steel and lots of plans for the next two months. I am totally looking forward to brunches, German evenings, holiday planning, a trip to the opera and most importantly a WGP night out.

Sausage, barbecue pulled pork, apple slaw, crispy onions, crackling, mustard and ketchup.

January is the home of my beautiful best friend’s birthday so we always have something fun planned. This year, we decided to head to our most prized restaurant, El Puertos, for good food and champagne.
For me, this place never gets it wrong and their steak is some of my favourite in Cardiff. I’ve tried a few things off their menu now but steak will always be the winner for me. If you haven’t already guessed, I went for steak last night accompanied by chips (just because) and black pepper sauce.
Of course as soon as we saw strawberry roulade, Sarah and I ordered one to share and it vanished within seconds. We drank far too much champagne and wine and all left feeling very full, very merry and very sleepy. What more could you want of an evening and more importantly, for a birthday?
Sarah and I tucked ourselves up in bed and gossiped until we fell asleep dreaming of breakfast the next day (just me?).


Today I’ve been lucky enough to finally eat at Penylan Pantry! I’d been dying to go for months so having this planned for a whole week had me waiting with baited breath. Jade, Nina, WGP and I chose a table right in the middle of the fresh, airy, little pantry and took ages to decide what to eat. I had the toast with the softest goat’s cheese I’ve ever had, chorizo, sun blush tomatoes and a drizzle of Welsh honey all served up on Welsh slate of course.
Without doubt, it was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had and I didn’t want it to end. It was the perfect amount of food and filled the hole I had in my stomach and cured my wine headache. I’m surprised I didn’t drown in all the tea I consumed but then, can you ever drink too much tea?




To finish off our brunch, WGP and Nina had a cheese board, which accompanied a handful of cheese puns and Jade and I shared a fig and pistachio flapjack.


It was a perfect Sunday morning of eating, casual tea drinking and chatting away about our ever expanding plans. I’m so lucky to have such fabulous friends and the choice of marvellous venues in Cardiff to eat at.


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