They put what in a burger?

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Celtic Manor on Monday evening to try out the burgers on the relaunched menu for The Grill. Now, I’d never been to the Celtic Manor, ever, so I was waiting with baited breath to visit the massively famous resort and have a nose around! I am now utterly obsessed with the venue and all of the wonderful food on offer and want to try every item on the menu from every single restaurant… It’s definitely doable because I’m THAT greedy. You know I’m not joking.
Guys, you’ve got the perfect excuse to book a table right now, in the love heart form of Valentine’s Day (that’s February 14th in case you didn’t know). Just hearing the words Celtic and Manor will make your girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancé/wife/husband/ball and chain/other half/bitch/beau weak at the knees… they don’t need to know it’s for burger and beer.
To check out the full review that’s been posted on their online blog, click here. Please. Thank you.







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