✌️ Fingers Drinks

Last night I filled myself with food, yes, but also an obscene amount of cocktails. Do you ever wish you could have fancy cocktails and a party with your pals whilst wearing casual wear and not leaving the house? I bring you Two Fingers Drinks.
Not only is Tim incredibly crafted at what he does with a knowledge so in-depth it will blow your mind but the cocktails are SO freakin’ cool.
I already had one serious hangover after putting away a few too many glasses of gin (plus Budweiser, Corona and Jägermeister) whilst watching England hammer Wales (acceptable behaviour) yet I still managed to find the time to make salted caramel from scratch for brownies to take to the partay. All in a day’s work eh? I’m the perfect housewife. There will be a post on the salted caramel delightfulness in a week or so for you all to appreciate the golden gooeyness. I mean you can actually feel your chin doubling but when it comes to salted caramel I really can’t be all that sorry.

Before I move on to the cocktails I would like to say a huge thank you to Nina for being the perfect host, letting me move in for the evening and for making plum cake.
Two Fingers is such a brilliant idea and we have already decided on another date to do the same thing. You can get drunk, have a splendid spread and just sit back and wait for the cocktails to start pouring in. There are two ways of doing it: firstly you could pay £10 each and supply the drinks from a specific shopping list that will be provided or secondly you pay £20 and everything is done for you. There’s a menu online from which you choose the drinks you’ll get to enjoy on the night and Tim will do the rest of the work. We are a gin lover collective so obviously chose gin only cocktails and I fell in love with ‘La Boheme’ and couldn’t even tell you how many I drank.
It is perfect for a birthday, hen party or just for pre drinks before you head into town and I cannot recommend it enough to you.

Our cocktails of choice


La Boheme


(Nina, WGP and Jade)




IMG_9730-0Peach Melba Collins

If there’s anything else I can do to talk you into booking your party it’s that you’ll wake up with abs of steel after laughing so much… more and more after every single cocktail in fact. Please make sure you’ve arranged a hangover breakfast for the following day though as you’ll most definitely be needing something carby and delicious.

Cheese on toast with a side of black pudding courtesy of The Coffi House on Wellfield Road.


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