Say no to ‘diet’ food

If you read the newspaper or follow any of them on social media you’ll have seen the recent article printed by The Daily Express regarding ‘fat’. If you’ve not seen it, click here and have a read before you look at any more of this.

I’m thankful that this has finally been sent to press and to say that it’s late is an understatement. I see so many people around me buying ‘diet’ foods because they think they are doing their body some good but it’s absolute garbage. You may as well be shovelling bags of sugar into you as it will do just about the same to your insides. You’re so much better off buying ‘full fat’ and eating a little less of it plus the good stuff tastes a whole lot better anyway. I do a fair bit of baking at home and always buy the proper stuff and never anything that says that there’s less fat/sugar etc. If you’re going to bake a cake then you clearly aren’t worried about your calorie and sugar intake anyway and ‘low fat’ ingredients in cake make it taste like cardboard. Unless you’re doing some healthy baking (Deliciously Ella I’m talking to you here) then even then you wouldn’t be using any of the half stuff. In this instance you’d be using natural sugars, like medjool dates, to gain sweetness for it to taste good.
Maybe now people will start to listen and we’ll all be much better off for it in the long run. I’m no dietician or health expert but this is something that everyone should take a second to think about when doing their next food shop. Long live the natural yoghurt, cheese and butter.


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