Who run the world?

I think we all know the answer to that question thanks to queen Beyoncé and her catchy song lyrics. I’m all about strong independent woman and yes, Bey may be married but she is certainly doing it for herself.
If you didn’t get the message from the endless trawl of V-Day posts this weekend, it was Valentine’s Day on Saturday. Now I’m not anti Valentine’s Day as such but I do think it’s a little over played and a florist’s dream. It may sound a little bitter but I actually don’t understand the concept of the day at all. I mean, surely if you’re with someone you show them all year around that you love them? Am I wrong? I would much rather someone buy me flowers at a spontaneous moment during the rest of the year because they wanted to and not because they felt like they had to. Joke cards on the other hand are a whole different ball game.
Anyway, that’s besides the point, I’ve had the most amazing weekend with some of my beautiful, fabulous and thoughtful friends. I never feel sad or down around Valentine’s Day but I think that’s due to the fact that I don’t see it as a negative thing that I’m single. I totally get why some people are sad over those few days though and don’t disregard that for a moment. I’m always keen to spend time with my friends and instead of buying cards for an ‘other half’ I try and appreciate the people I love most.


I’m honing my wife skills at the moment actually and can’t stop baking. Why I haven’t been snapped up is beyond me: if you men don’t want homemade cakes every weekend then you’re lying. I’ve taken note from another inspiration of mine (Deliciously Ella) and tried out her sweet potato brownies. If you’ve not bought the book/made them yet then I can’t recommend them enough.
I spent my Saturday morning with my number one, my mum. We sat, gossiped, ate cake and people watched at the Waterloo Tea in Wyndham Arcade in Cardiff. It’s such a marvellous place to watch the world go by and they sell one hell of an array of tea and good cake. After the double matcha (matcha green tea latte and chocolate, avocado and matcha cake) I was definitely hyped up on caffeine alert and ready for whatever came my way.

It was then a case of how many other inspirational women could I meet up with over the weekend after Beyoncé ringing in my ear, Ella telling me what to bake and my mum just being as brilliant as ever, I then met up with some friends in the evening for a few (one) cocktails on the town.


Sunday is one of my favourite days of the week as I’m usually doing something delightful. This week was one of the most delightful in a while as it involved my little German friend Nina, a Spanish breakfast and cake. Crwys Road in Cardiff hosts some pretty special venues and it’s tough trying to decide where to eat. This time we chose The Gutsy Goose and I am so happy with that choice even if it did take a while to get to that decision. So as I’ve already said, I ordered the Spanish breakfast. This was solely down to the appearance of chorizo, which, if it were acceptable, I would marry (and then cheat on it with avocado). It came with a round of toast, eggs with paprika and a pot of beans mixed with chilli. It was the dreamiest of breakfasts and I was upset when I looked down and the plate was empty.

Of course, breakfast doesn’t normally last long but we were enjoying each other’s company so decided to take a stroll down to Stag Coffee for some cake. Cake + Sunday = standard. I’d never visited Stag but it had been high on my list for some time. I’ve fallen in love guys. Everything about it is so brilliant! The decor is spot on, the plates, menu and cake were all lovely and cute and it is basically everything I love in a coffee shop. We managed to nab the cosiest seats in the house, right next to the fire and I kid you not, it took a shed load of willpower not to curl up and have a power hour. I had the beetroot and chocolate cake as I usually like to have something a little different to the average options and it was mouth watering just thinking about it good. Their food menu looks unbelievable though and from the look of what everyone was eating around us, I’ll definitely be back for a burger, or a fish finger sandwich or peanut butter and jam on doorstep toast or, well, just anything off the menu really.



Big love and hugs to everyone I spent time with this weekend as it has been perfect and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I’m more than happy spending Valentine’s Day with my gorgeous friends and even when (yes, when) Michael Fassbender and Tom Hiddleston realise their love for me I would still be there for my gals as they’ll be with me until the end of time. That is, unless those beautiful men are offering to make me an endless supply of sourdough toast with Teapigs breakfast tea in bed.


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