The Breakfast Bar

I appreciate it’s become a pretty standard thing that I’ll be out eating brunch or cake or pizza/burgers every weekend and if you know my Instagram you’ll also agree that it’s probably 90% food. I feel the majority of my foodie snaps have indeed been of brunch and breakfast as it’s my favourite meal of the day by a mile; breakfast has so much to offer.

The girls and I have made it our mission to eat breakfast at the numerous coffee shops and cafés around Cardiff and when a new venue pops up it always gets added to our list.

As much as I love getting up and making my own breakfast, sometimes the thought of it being brought to your front door is the stuff of dreams. So what if I told you there’s a newbie on the scene that not only offers breakfast in the comfort of your own home but also boats a cute little café in Canton. You’re planning a trip right now aren’t you? I knew it.


If you find the whole concept of eggs benny and granola boards a little pretentious then The Breakfast Bar is definitely going to be up your street. In fact, they offer both full English and eggs in a variety of forms.

I went for a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel and both mother Ball and Nina ordered the French breakfast which, as the title hints at, was French toast wth streaky bacon. I’m so picky with bacon that I tend not to order it when I’m out but I did encounter a generous helping of food envy when that cinnamony toast was planted down next to me. I say this but my bagel definitely filled a hole and was so delicious I could’ve eaten it twice over.


No I didn’t finish my mum’s breakfast as well as my own. Honest.

It has all the amazing things a breakfast joint has to offer without feeling or looking like a ‘greasy spoon’ which, in my eyes, is always a good thing. As you can imagine, they have the standard breakfast items (bacon rolls, toast and bagels) but also, eggs benedict, as previously mentioned, a French breakfast, cereal, healthy pots of egg, salmon and spinach, Spanish breakfast (CHORIZO), an American breakfast of pancakes, an English breakfast, an Irish, Scottish and some trusty Welsh rarebit.

If you’ve spent all your money on litres of beer watching the rugby and have a hangover to show for it then this is your recovery spot. It’s so cheap it feels like you’ve done a runner without paying.

As it’s always breakfast time somewhere in the world TBB have a breakfast all day policy. Don’t you just love places that offer breakfast no matter what time of the day it is?

If you’re a builder you’ll be pleased to know you’ll receive discount, so lads get your bacon rolls and coffee to go and you’ll be ready to lay your bricks.

Thanks for having us and treating us to some beautiful Welsh cakes.


Ps. Cardiff’s famous Ffwrnes pizza will be dishing out their stone baked pizzas every Friday evening and Lilo’s will be popping up every Saturday throughout March straight out of The Breakfast Bar


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