P is for…

This weekend has been ALL about my amazing friend Welsh Girl Problems and her birthday celebrations. I mean, anyone that knows WGP knows that whenever you’re in her presence she’s the life and soul anyway but y’know, your birthday is even more important. The girls and I were well aware that the queen doesn’t normally like to celebrate her birthday so of course, we planned surprise balloons and a birthday cake in an attempt at making her day even more special and just because she’s awesome and totally deserves it. 

I offered to make a birthday cake in a Welsh theme fit with red sponge and green sponge but alas, that did NOT go to plan. What I’ve previously failed to mention is how passionate I am about baking and when something doesn’t go exactly my way then all hell will ensue. So what would’ve been a masterpiece ended up as crumbs all over my kitchen floor. After checking my Dulux paint chart (joke) and deliberating the shades I decided it would be a travesty to present that as a birthday gift. What was presented, however, was a two layered sponge with blackcurrant jam and gin and vanilla frosting and yes, it went down a treat. 

Our birthday girl chose Pitch as her celebratory venue and we were all very excited at the prospect of eating some delicious food and tasting their brilliant cocktails. Basically if I could award anywhere with the great honour of ‘The Best Chips in Cardiff’, which should be an award desired by many, then I would gladly present that to Pitch Bar and Eatery. Seriously though, I could print a certificate for you? 

Pitch  is a new restaurant to hit Cardiff and to my knowledge, the only one that strives to serve amazing Welsh produce; and when you live in a country that has some of the best meat and cheese, why wouldn’t you? You’ll find it nestled between Mocka and Soda on Cardiff’s notorious Mill Lane but don’t fret, it’s nothing like its neighbours (thankfully). 

Here’s a little snap to show you those fluffy yet crispy chips and the enormous burger I ordered. Classic Sophie. I opted for the lamb burger and it was so meaty (stating the obvious) and delightfully seasoned. If any of you are planning on visiting any time soon and choose a meal that doesn’t come with coleslaw then you must order it. That’s an order.

Luckily for us gin lovers there are gin cocktails a-plenty and when you can order a teapot of gin you know you’re in for a good night.

Now for the lady of the evening…

… that’s actually what WGP looks like. The amazing balloons were courtesy of Nina and they set the scene perfectly. 

There go the emoji vibes again.

Our night was a joy from start to finish and we celebrated in absolute style. Thanks for having us Pitch and for helping to stage our little surprises. 

I woke up this morning with an enormous case of The Fear and the only way of curing it would be a fabulous brunch at Chez Nina with WGP and JC. Our little foursome is proving to be a long standing friendship and I have visions of us having brunch mornings in 30 years. Even with a few wrinkles we will still be fabulous! 

We ate ricotta pancakes, toasted English muffins with fresh avocado and Portuguese custard tarts from the wonderful Nata & Co all of which helped my head. I’m sure all of the above made your porridge feel slightly mundane and you’d be right. 

Next up is N Dog’s birthday and I’m positive the same superb night will be had by all.  


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