Beer (and lots of it)

It may be traditional to eat a shed load of chocolate and a lamb dinner on Easter Sunday so it’s probably slightly controversial to eat burger and fries washed down by a litre of beer instead.

In fact, the only thing I’ve eaten that’s in any way related to the Easter festivities has been hot cross buns (toasted with salted butter of course).  

So much so, I’m currently making up for the lack of Malteaster bunnies by stuffing my face with the blighters whilst writing this. I mean, it would be sacrilegious not to right? 

I woke up on Friday with enormous beef cravings and knew I needed a burger with all the trimmings. The Grazing Shed in town seemed the easiest option on such a busy bank holiday and it didn’t last very long before I’d scoffed the lot and made the most of the unlimited Elderflower pop. Even though they aren’t my favourite patties in cardiff the toppings are endless and after much deliberation I went for the ‘El Toro’. Along with the beef patty and bun there was honey glazed goat’s cheese, lettuce, chorizo, ketchup, mayo and hot chilli and it definitely hit the spot. I still wish it had been a ‘Soprano’ or ‘Dirty South’ from Got Beef but it was satisfying nonetheless. 




On Saturday evening the girls and I had plans of eating nachos, drinking Mexican themed cocktails and donning a faux moustache at the Macho Nacho pop up at the Breakfast Bar on Cowbridge Road East. The Breakfast Bar has become a pop up haven of late and in two weeks we will be lucky enough to try some goodies from Drunken Sailor in the form of hotdogs and waffles.

 With the help of Tim and his amazing Two Fingers concoctions the whole evening was a blast from start to finish. The salted caramel margarita was one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying and I hope it won’t be the last time. Throughout the entire evening I felt like I should’ve been called Juanita (or Pedro) and wish it hadn’t been a one off. 


My nachos were piled high with sour cream, guacamole, salsa, spring onion, lots of cheese, lots of jalapeños and chunky chorizo.  


Tequila tequila. 



Just moustaching around. 


To finish off the evening we had a freshly baked chilli brownie which was a delight and the perfect end to the evening. Both Nina, WGP and I had a marvellous evening and thoroughly enjoyed our dodgy tashing.  

As it was the weekend, I obviously had a slumber part at Chez Nina which also called for a beautiful brunch. 


I love brunch. 

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past year you’ll have noticed that the food pop up scene in Cardiff has rocketed and there are events surfacing left, right and centre. The Street Food Warehouse is a new one that launched the weekend just gone. There seems to have been a fair amount of confusion between this and SFC but they are completely different events even if they are both out to provide some amazing pop up vendors to the hungry people of Cardiff. SFW is being held under the Cardiff Arms Park Stadium and was something of a mystery right up until the last minute. A group of us made our way there for a feast only to find a few vendors in operation. The majority of us got straight in the queue for a beer served in brown paper bags courtesy of Ten Mill Lane. With that cute and trampy bottle in hand the only thing left to do was get stuck into a burger. The obvious place to purchase such a thing was Rad Burger Co in their big red truck and the possibility of an added extra of halloumi.  Also, ROSEMARY FRIES! 


If you’re interested in attending the next Food Warehouse then click here and preregister to hear all the details before everyone else. 


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