Three girls and their pulled pork

The only way you wouldn’t know about the Street Food Circus is if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months or you simply don’t live anywhere near Cardiff. After the complete success of the DEPOT last year it has seen the increase in street food and pop ups, which I think can only be a good thing. Throughout the summer we not only have the circus but the DEPOT has reopened its Dumballs Road doors and the Warehouse has recently announced its new venture in the form of a foodie village at the Colour Run. 

After a busy bank holiday weekend I was champing at the bit to get into the circus and carb up and drink beer. This weekend two of my friends and I made our way to the big top on John Street, right next to the No Fit State unit. 


I would advise knowing your pop ups before arriving as you may be standing around with a look of confusion etched on your face if not. I knew I wanted to get my chubby hands on something Hangfire related and that’s where we went straight off the mark… after purchasing a Singha. 

Hangfire are definitely the most well known pop up on the Cardiff food scene and for bloody good reason. They are that brilliant they’ve recently won a BBC food award don’t you know?! So with much anticipation and embarrassment at the fact I’d yet to divulge in their wonderful delights we almost ran to them. It was pulled pork for all and what sensational pulled pork it was. It was a tower of tender and pink meat with a savoury donut and homemade slaw in freshly baked bread. It was the stuff of dreams. 


The big top was definitely the place to be throughout the night and trying to get a seat was nigh on impossible unless you were patrolling the vicinity waiting to pounce if someone so much as moved. Obviously I have eyes like a hawk and we managed to squeeze on to a bench to tuck into our food. 

  Street Food Circus is a place to make new friends…

Of course, pulled pork was not the only thing on the menu. Ffwrnes Pizza are in the top 5 for pizza in Wales and after experiencing their wood fired pizza for myself I can now see why. We decided to have one each and to share them so there was a Jiawl Bach (SALAMI) and a Sobrasada (mozzarella, basil and honey). 

Both were thoroughly enjoyed and I’ll die happy knowing I’ve tried two of my most desired pop ups finally. It was the perfect size for a post pork snack and for £4 I thought it was an absolute bargain. 

So, just for you to have a few ideas on what to eat, there’s Meat & Greek, Hokkei, Hemp Hut, Slow Pig, Burger & Lobster, Dirty Bird, Mr Churro, The Brûlée Bar, Jol’s, La Ffroga, Lola’s Wings, Patagonia Steakhous, Purple Poppadom and as of this weekend, El Salsa. You should definitely follow them on Instrgram and Twitter to see what treats they have to offer for you this weekend. Wrap up warm and head on down for an outdoor feast in wonderful surroundings. You may have to queue for a short while but I promise you it’s worth it and there’s no fee on entry. 



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