There has been a whole 7 day window since my visit of the above Italian and I am still in a carb and cheese induced coma. I do not even say this as an over exaggeration but as the most truthful thing I have ever said in my entire existence. Of course, I usually feel ‘so full I could burst’ but this time I’m actually concerned I may not live to see another weekend. In saying this, I would certainly live my last few days astoundingly happy that pizza as wonderful as Calabrisella’s was the last thing I ate. 
If you’ve not been yet, you’re missing an amazing Italian trick. There’s no need for smoke and mirrors at this place and even though it’s basic inside it makes up for it ten times over in food and atmosphere. It’s traditional, friendly, the staff were very welcoming and the food… 
I don’t really know where to start on the pizza. Obviously that’s not all they do but I’ve got an obsession with pizza and when you know it’s going to be good surely it’s an obvious choice?! I went with three friends after a pay day shopping trip so obviously we were in desperate need of sustenance. We decided to go for 3 pizzas (all 14 inch) and to share them to really get a feel for the menu. Any excuse really… 
I think we definitely made a school boy error in ordering three and two probably would’ve been the right amount but y’know… I’m not going to cry over wasted crusts. Due to the over ordering we were lucky enough to have opted for a 4 cheese pizza and it was probably one of the best decisions we’ve ever made as a threesome. 
If you’re contemplating visiting but don’t wish to make a trip to Canton then you have to change your mind right now make the most of this weekend with dough and cheese. In fact, I’m considering a take out this coming Friday… you know you’ll be jealous when you see the pictures. Why not get your own Instagram post and experience a pizza  sweat for yourself. 

154 Cowbridge Road
CF11 9ND
02920 225839

7 thoughts on “Calabrisella 

  1. Hungry City Hippy says:

    I’ve had this place recommended to me by so many people and still not made it there, despite it being right around the corner! I need to sort my life out… X


  2. The Plate Licked Clean says:

    What have I begun?!
    People really seem to ‘get’ this place now. Second highest-read post ever on the blog. So glad you enjoyed as much as I did- I certainly don’t regret stuffing down one of their arancini ragú after my pizza!


  3. Megan says:

    Would just like to say, as one of the aforementioned friends who were involved in this meal, I disagree with the statement that two would have been enough. There’s not enough pizza in the world for my liking.
    Much love x

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