BREAKING NEWS: I have a mild case of writer’s block. 

As you may (probably not) have noticed, my posts have been very few and far between of late. Other than the aforementioned writer’s block I don’t really have an excuseas I’ve definitely eaten out and definitely been to many new places.

So I am pleased to say, you may sleep soundly tonight knowing that I’m making a conscious effort to post weekly just for all my fans. That goes out to you mum. 

I’ve been practicing my cookies like a crazy woman which will be up soon along with a few brunch spots (Fat Pig, Brava, Cameo, Pier 64) sushi lolz, a day out in Cowbridge, cocktails at Be at One, Bar 44 (the new one) The Depot’s summer menu, Hokkei, Milgi and most importantly I’ve decided to do a list of the best places for a roast in Cardiff; a Sunday ‘roast off’ if you will. 

I’ll leave you to scroll through some pictures of my outings just so you don’t feel left out. I know how you like to see my weekly shenanigans and tomfoolery… who wouldn’t? 



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