Vegging Out

Any self respecting vegetarian in Cardiff knows all about MILGI. In fact, I think most people in Cardiff know all about MILGI; even if it is just because of the amazing cocktails they produce. For some reason unbeknown to myself I’d never visited and I was ashamed to admit it. I absolutely love veggie food so I’m still left wondering why I hadn’t visited sooner. After hearing a mixed bag of reviews I decided enough was enough and I needed to try it out for myself.


There’s nothing I love more than a tiled floor, so on seeing the black and white I was already happy to be inside. The menu itself isn’t extensive but for me that’s better as you’re not left staring at it for an hour and still no closer to deciding what to eat. The curry on the ‘specials’ board did tempt us both but this time we stuck with the set menu and ordered the battered halloumi, because who doesn’t love battered, salty cheese, and the burger. V also ordered a coconut daiquiri which was definitely one of the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted. This place really DO know how to make cocktails! I opted for a Brooklyn Beer just because and as always, it was a choice I was more than happy with.

First off, I am so thankful I went for the halloumi. It was the best type of batter, which wasn’t greasy and it encased the perfectly cooked saltiness so well it made for the dream combination. The chips was also done well and the minty peas were delicious. It was one of the tastiest meals I’ve eaten recently and I’d happily eat it every single week.



The burger was enormous and a mixture of carrots, chickpeas and spices with melted cheese and pickles on top. This was either served GF (without bun) or for us carb lovers, in a massive seeded bun! It was that massive, in fact, I obviously had to give V a helping hand. I wouldn’t be a true friend if I didn’t.

Once we were suitably full and complaining of not being able to eat another thing the dessert menu was placed in front of us. When that happens, you know you have to order something and that’s exactly what we did. The cinnamon doughnuts with chocolate dipping sauce were soon on the way over to our table and they weren’t there for long. The sauce could’ve done with being a tad more chocolatey, but that’s just our personal preference, and the doughnuts were doughy, cinnamony and sugary and I absolutely loved them.  

Our waitress told us we’d be hooked and if I am completely honest with you, I’d eat a whole bowl of them right now.

The service throughout the entire evening was spot on and I couldn’t fault anything about it.

If you’ve never been to MILGI it is definitely worthy of a visit but make sure you’re not driving so you can make the most of their cocktails. With it being situated on City Road, parking isn’t the most convenient but please don’t let that deter you from going; you’ll be thankful and full of delicious veggie eats.


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