I know I haven’t quite stuck by my promise of a post a week but I’ve been busy. Give me a break. Three weeks ago involved yet another of my trips to London to eat, drink and spend money like I’m queen Liz herself. My bff Sarah and I had this little trip in the pipeline for a while and yes, we were both counting down the days. After much deliberation we booked ourselves into the CitizenM Hotel on the Southbank and with just a 10 minute walk from both London Bridge and Borough Market (drool) it was the perfect location for a weekend that side of the river. The hotel is definitely one of the cooler places I’ve stayed in, in London and it is perfect if you fancy a weekend of food and sight seeing South of the river. It was cheap considering the location, the amenities were absolutely brilliant and don’t even get me started on that bed. As my friends will confirm, I am one of those annoying people who wakes up at the crack of dawn without fail but this bed made me want to sleep for a month straight and that had absolutely nothing to do with the amount of alcohol I consumed the night before.

So, the day started off as normal; where would we possibly eat our first meal? I have a rather extensive list of places I want to eat at in London and Patty&Bun has always been right at the top. What can I say? I was lost for words. After being told the day before that the burger was the juiciest and most gooey I was expecting so much. It was both of those things and so much more. It was heaven in brioche bun with hot sauce and cheese and tender meat that was pink. The colour of the meat in a burger is so important to me and this was definitely the most perfectly cooked patty I’ve ever eaten. It was all my burger dreams wrapped up. I chose the José José chilli burger but already knew I’d end up going with that one as soon as I saw the word chilli. It’s by no means fine dining but when you’re in the market for a good burger let’s be honest; you’re not looking for solid silver cutlery and China crockery are you?! The burgers don’t come with fries so make sure you order a side of the Rosemary fries and try and tell me you don’t owe me one. It was sloppy and messy and delicious and one of the places that I’m going to frequent on most trips to the big smoke.


That evening, after an hour long delay on a sweaty tube we met our absolute HUN of a friend Jack for cocktails, tapas and dancing in Soho. What started as a civilised night ended up with us drinking free wine and dancing with half naked men wearing dog collars and loin cloths. Hey, that’s what Soho is all about and I absolutely love it. We decided to eat at Brindisa, which is a tapas chain in central London and it definitely did not disappoint! If you’re planning a trip to LDN and fancy trying somewhere new I would recommend this place; the food was so tasty, the service was brilliant and there was a lovely atmosphere. We ordered an array of dishes but my three favourites were the deep-fried aubergine with chestnut honey, smoked chorizo on toast and a giant meatball filled with cheese which I believe was on the ‘Special’ menu.

After finishing off the above, along with plenty of other dishes and a jug of sangria, we made our way over to The Cocktail Trading Company, which is just opposite Liberty, because I have been trying my hardest to fit this place in on some other trips after seeing all the pictures of their famous cocktails. I am one of those people who loves a novelty cocktail; I go crazy for it.

It is such a cool little bar but please be warned, when I say little I mean tiny. As much as I enjoyed it there, loved my cocktail and liked how the place had been designed it’s not somewhere you could stay for a whole night. For me, once I have had a cocktail or three I always feel a sudden urge to get up and dance and trust me, regardless of your dance moves, this place is not the place you want to bust a move.

JDM is the perfect Londoner and after living there for many years he knows all the best bars. He took us to another cocktail bar but this one was all about the music… yay! It was a mixture of Beyonce and rap music and there wasn’t a song played that everyone didn’t know. The cocktails here were all about the novelty too and their espresso martini fit with bourbon biscuit was amazing. I swiftly changed to Punk IPA as cocktails, for me, are a killer, but it appears I left it far too late to change to something a little less strong and I was soon in a bar, right in the middle of the red light district in Soho, with Barbie’s and Ken dolls pinned to the ceiling, knocking back the white wine and watching people dance to Mariah Carey. In the words of Ron Burgundy, the night “escalated quickly” although I can confirm there were no leather bound books or Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch present.

 With the thought of a massive breakfast at The Breakfast Club on the horizon we stumbled into an Uber and got straight into our massive bed. Yes, BC might be an obvious choice when in London and yes there are plenty of stand alone breakfast poses but I am obsessed with the place. I love that the interior is always different, the staff have always been friendly and the options are endless. This time I went for the Huevos Al Benny with a side of spinach and a traditional breakfast tea because I’m rock ‘n’ roll. It was a take on the standard Eggs Benedict but with the addition of chorizo, roast peppers, guacamole, chillies and spicy hollandaise sauce. 
After this we both needed plenty of walking and fresh air so we did just that before going to the haven that is Borough Market. Oh my good god I am absolutely obsessed. This is up there with my love to Camden and I already want to to back and eat the rest of the food. It was a smorgasbord or amazing treats and it left me puzzled for around an hour as to what to actually go for. I knew I wanted something different to normal so there was no chance or a burger or a hotdog and I definitely didn’t want a pie. So, when I saw the lengthy queue for the pad Thai I assumed it must’ve been a good choice to make. 

It was a perfect lunch and with the addition of peanuts and chilli flakes I was in food heaven. 

The whole place is just something magical and I honestly felt like I could have stayed there for hours and hours just people watching. 

Before I die I want to live like Bridget Jones at a flat above The Globe. Yeah, I get that it’s never going to happen but a girl can dream. 


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