All of the pies…

I was lucky enough to receive a rather large box of pies straight from the Pieminister office last week and more importantly a sneak peek at their new pie, the ‘Beer and Deer’. I’ve always been a massive Pieminister fan so the delivery not only made my day but made my whole week!

The ‘Beer and Deer’ is the third collaboration they’ve done with another firm favourite of mine, Brewdog. This collaboration involves Dead Pony Club, and no, they aren’t serving ponies in their pies, it’s a pale ale and the best ale. To go with those DPC feels, you’ve got wild British venison, smoked bacon, kidney beans, scotch bonnet chilli and their infamous pastry. I had mine on a miserable Monday evening with sweet potato wedges and it certainly kick started my week (the operative word in that sentence being kick). That scotch bonnet chilli though. 
I loved every single thing about it and I’m already eager for my second round. You’ll be happy to know it was released September 14th so you can all get your hands on it now too! If you’re out for the rugby, I definitely recommend hitting up Pieminister for pre or post match hole filling (pie hole that is) and beer drinking. If you’re watching the games at home don’t forget you can pop in and grab a take away; trust me, it’s worth braving the crowds for. 


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