The Hilton

There’s a scrumptious new menu at the Hilton in Cardiff especially for the rugby World Cup. Why don’t you swing by (without a chariot) and give it a try. You know your boyfriend/partner will love you for it which can only mean you’re bound to top the table. Failure to take them for this, once in a four-year opportunity meal, could end up with a penalty being held against you or worse… getting kicked into touch. Don’t be the fool to get a red card and book your table before the whistle is blown on the tournament. 

I hear you shouting ‘enough with the rugby puns already’ but give me a break; I’m only trying to score some bonus points here. 

As a very proud Welsh lady (minus the traditional garms), I am ecstatic that we are through to the quarter final of the World Cup again. I remember being at the stadium in 2011 when we just missed out on beating France in the semi-final… we all remember that very sad day in history, THAT red card and Alain Rolland like it was yesterday. This year has been absolutely marvellous and with everyone in Cardiff really getting getting behind our men, the Fanzone and plenty of places providing us with rugby related rewards, why would you want to watch the sea of red anywhere else? 

I was invited to the Hilton to give the aforementioned menu a go and it’s safe to say, I was more than intrigued. Obviously, I wish I had been there when my secret boyfriend (Sonny Bill Williams) was staying there but no such luck. The menu is served in the Metropole Lounge, which is just off reception and also home to their big screen. When I saw the word beer I obviously invited a member of the Yeastie Boys along for good measure and as I was designated driver, someone had to tackle those for me. The menu ranges from pizza to beef bourgignon to Argentinean steak baguette to fish and chips. We went for the pulled pork and burger (fit with Caerphilly cheese), both of which came in a brioche bun and with a side of chips and sauces.

I can confirm that both were delicious choices and when you’re watching men run around a pitch in short shorts, I imagine anything will taste good. On a serious note though, we both enjoyed what we ordered and there wasn’t a single complaint made. I’d like to make room for a special shout out to the coleslaw; it came with slices of apple and it made me very happy. My YB bud downed a bottle of Coopers Pale Ale from down under and also a Monteith’s from New Zealand; both of which were given the thumbs up.

If you’re smart, much like myself, you’ll already know that in the quarter final, October 17th, the beautiful men from New Zealand will be back in town ready to kick off at our very own stadium. So, what better date is there to mark in your diary? Book a table now, throw in your knife and fork and give it a go for yourself. You just might be converted

I was so game to write this post but when you’re a self confessed food pundit, you’ve got to let the public know who’s winning


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