Beer and Bratwurst

Bierkeller is renowned for its take on all things Bavarian and also its reputation of major stag and hen party venue. I can confirm that all visitors who were in attendance when I visited were in very normal attire and not a single Lederhosen was in sight. My little German BFF Nina has also told me that she never encountered a bar in her hometown where it was deemed acceptable to dance on the table nor did she ever wear a Bavarian dress on a night out. 

I visited on a Wednesday evening and it was packed full of men waiting around for matches to begin. There are three bars inside the complex who do very different things; first of which is the ‘Around the World’ bar which was very quiet and where the food menu is served, second is ‘Shooters’ where the big screens are for all the games and last but by no means least, you have the piece de resistance, the ‘Bierkeller’ (which has the biggest screen I’ve ever seen). 

For my cousin, this visit was an opportunity to scope the venue out for her up and coming birthday and for me it was just an opportunity to check out any possible male talent. My cousin has since had her birthday and I am still reeling about the fact that there wasn’t a single Fassbender lookalike in sight. What a shame for me. 

Walkabout seems to be a thing of the past and Bierkeller is now the place to be for all things sport; surprisingly I can see why. It is full of atmosphere, full of beer pumps, full of pretzels and when you’re that close to the Millenium Stadium you’re on to a winner. Props to you Bierkeller

We were given the chance to try anything we wanted on both the food and drink menu and we took advantage of the beer. I decided to stay ‘German’ and went for a Bratwurst and a German beer which was one of the nicest I’d ever tasted. After a bad experience of German sausage at a Christmas market last year (take from that what you will), my cousin went for the pulled pork in a brioche bun. Both things came with a side of chips and the pulled pork came with onion rings, salad and coleslaw too. 

Neither of us had any complaints and there wasn’t a single crumb left on the tray. I mean, don’t go expecting to have a la carte food and you certainly won’t be disappointed. 

If you’re looking for something cheap on your next lunch break then there’s an offer on their baguettes, burgers and pizza with a bottomless soft drink for £4.95 between 12-4, Monday-Friday. 

On our second visit we went for the England v Wales game and the atmosphere was electric. The steins were flowing, the Oompah band was in full swing and of course, we beat England. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it felt to be surrounded by the Welsh and celebrating the only way we know how; by drinking alcohol like water. The giant pretzels did a good job in soaking up the litres and litres of beer consumed and now I realise why they are so important. 

The World Cup may be over but that doesn’t put a stop to the rest of the sport and live music going on and if all you want is beer, fun and atmosphere you’ll get plenty of that at Bierkeller

Follow them on Twitter to find out exactly what’s on and when @cdfbierkeller, @cardiffatw and @cardiffshooters. 


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