Korean Grilling 

Canton is probably one of my favourite places in Cardiff and the restaurants you’ve got to choose from are endless. If you live anywhere near Cowbridge Road I honestly believe you’re the luckiest people in the city. You’ve probably seen all about my B-I-G love for Calabrisella but I’ve decided I now need to try everywhere else on my list before I turn into a pizza base. I’ve recently been to Chai Street so there’ll be a little write up about my new favourite Indian very soon. Bangkok Cafe, La Cuina and Happy Gathering are next on my scroll of restaurants I want to try.

So anyway, back to Kimchi

I arranged to go for dinner with two friends on the premise of wanting to try somewhere new and different and Kimchi definitely fit the bill. If you guessed that it’s a Korean restaurant I’m congratulating you right now. It’s a tiny place at the end of Cowbridge Road closest to town and it was extremely busy; which shows just how popular it is considering it was a Tuesday evening.

I had no idea before arriving that you cooked your own meat so that novelty excited me far too much! As soon as we saw the grill we ordered the biggest meat platter on the menu along with chicken dumplings and a huge plate of noodles; much to the horror of the waitress who clearly thought we hadn’t eaten in weeks. When we’d practically sniffed up the plate of noodles and contemplated ordering a second round we decided against it in case she printed out ‘FAT’ badges for us to wear.

Every single thing we ate was bursting with flavour and whatever they use to season their meat is absolutely wonderful. I wanted to eat all of the meat and more.

My friend Charlotte has had the nickname ‘Little Chef’ since taking cooking for GCSE and it was like she’d turned Korean once the meat was on the grill. The flipping would’ve made any top chef happy I can assure you. It was a sight to behold.

I would definitely recommend giving Kimchi a visit when you’re looking for something new as it isn’t just about good food but it’s such a fun experience at the same time. Personally, I think it would make a great date venue for any guy hoping to woo their lady friend with their BBQing skills.


72 Cowbridge Road East


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