When I found out Tortilla had opened their Cardiff site on Chippy Lane (Caroline Street) I was more than surprised. The only things I associate Chippy Lane with are chips, cheese, curry sauce and Saturday night. You may question the combination of chips, cheese and curry sauce but the next time you stumble down to Dorothy’s in a drunken daze please order it and tell me you love it too. 

Anyway, back to business. 

Tortilla is a chain started by a Californian couple who searched high and low for the perfect burrito in London. They soon realised it was nigh on impossible to get a good one so therefore decided to take it upon themselves to introduce us to a real burrito. Brandon and Jen opened the first ever Tortilla store in Islington in 2007. Since then they have opened the doors to many more stores all over London and also Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Brighton, Southampton and obviously Cardiff. You can tell that the restaurant was set up by people who are obsessed with burritos and also who are very passionate that all the food is fresh and flavoursome. To ensure this happens at every single site, you won’t find a freezer in sight. All of the food you eat has been cooked with ingredients delivered straight to the door that very morning. You can’t get much more fresh than that. When you’ve grown up in California and eaten some of the best burritos the world has to offer, it’s safe to say you know what makes a good one. 

When I got the invite (via HCH) to a guacamole masterclass with burritos and beer I offered my plus one to a member of the Yeastie Boys so all of the Mexican beer could be drunk. The ingredients for the guacamole threw me as soon as I spotted mango and pineapple and I started to wonder whether I’d been making major mistakes when making it at home. For me they are now firm favourites for guac additions, which I never thought I’d say.  

*the above guacamole was actually a YB creation as mine tasted of absolutely nothing* 

It was so much fun learning about new ways to make guacamole and I can honestly say I’ll be using so much more than lime and Tabasco sauce now. 

The burritos were absolutely amazing. I admit I’m not a burrito connoisseur but you know when you’re eating something good. I had pulled beef (BARBACOA) with all of the cheese, rice, salsa, black beans, hot sauce, guacamole and peppers. It was so stuffed that it was almost bursting through the wrap. It was perfect. For the massive amount of filling inside the medium burrito I had a massive shock when I saw the menu. £5?! All of that food was just £5. Im not even joking, my amigo. If you’re looking for value for money then this is definitely for you. Additionally, all of the alcoholic drinks come in at under £5 too. It’s a cheap night for all. 

Ok so not ALL of the beer is Mexican but when the collection looks a lot like this you can’t be mad. 

Don’t be fooled by the size of the burrito as half of this was eaten for lunch the following day. It definitely wasn’t eaten at midnight in my bed. 

I know a lot of people don’t walk down Chippy Lane if they don’t have to but please make the effort; I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 


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