It’s safe to say, Locke & Remedy have their restauranty feet firmly placed on the Cardiff scene but I’m only now getting around to writing a piece on them. Luckily I’ve eaten there so many times I’m fairly confident I can give you a good idea on what to order when you visit. First and foremost I have to praise them on the superb job they have done with the interior design as it’s a whole lot different to when it was the Old Library. The inside is absolutely beautiful but my favourite part is the lights. These lights have been Instagrammed to death so I won’t bore you with those right now but will entice you to take a trip with some pictures of juicy burgers. 

Unfortunately you’ve obviously missed the Christmas treats but it would be deemed completely and utterly appropriate for you to start your countdown to December 2016 right now. That Christmas pizza with stuffing and parsnip crisps was like the ultimate festive dream. I hate to make you jealous but at least you only have 11 months to wait and there are plenty of other options to ruin your new year diet. 

Ok, first of all I want to say thank you to Locke for their brunch offering. That sausage patty sandwich was like a party in my mouth. I’m a huge brunch eater and lover and this bad boy definitely did the trick for fuelling SB and I for a Boxing Day sale expedition. The aforementioned sausage patty was accompanied by cured bacon, cheese and egg in a seeded bun. Before you ask if it’s like anything from the big yellow M I’m going to stop you right there. NO. Just no. The sausage patty was deliciously seasoned and when it’s squashed under bacon and cheese what’s not to love? 


Sarah had the smashed avocado which was a combination of avocado, obviously, grilled vine ripened tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and poached egg on sourdough toast. This would have been my second option, shortly followed by the retro eggs and soldiers. 

If you’re looking for a new brunch spot in central Cardiff in a lovely location then book a table for this weekend. For me, the weekend isn’t the weekend without a tasty brunch. Who’s with me? 

My first ever trip to L&R wasn’t entirely brilliant but since giving them a second chance I’ve loved every single thing I’ve eaten there and just really enjoy the atmosphere and more importantly the marvellous cocktails. Thanks to SuLin I was able to have a cocktail masterclass just before Christmas and pinned down the Old Wives Tale and I completely recommend 2 or 3 of these to go with your burger/pizza. 


The Burgers 

If I am to push any burger on the menu it’s going to be the Mushroom and Sticky Red Onion. Yes I’m not a vegetarian but YES to this burger. If you love mushrooms as much as I do you need to have this. You have a giant portobello mushroom in crumbs with blue cheese sauce, tarragon mayo, sticky red onion and a token piece of gem lettuce (which is totally optional) in a soft seeded bun. Whenever I tell people how good it is they question the fact there’s no meat but meat or no meat it’s always going to be one of the most flavoursome burgers you’ll eat. It’s a bold statement I know but I mean it. 

Plus, if you order it with the sweet potato fries you’ve nailed 2 of your 5 a day… Kinda


I’ll tell you something else that’s delicious; the humble cheeseburger. It’s so simple yet works so well. You can never go wrong with a classic. I’d also like to make a small shout out to the short rib burger, chicken burger and spicy coleslaw all of which were scoffed within minutes. The Parmesan fries are definitely worthy of a trophy… If fries had an award season, they could definitely be a contender. Ok, ok, they were a movie, they could be an Oscar winner. 

Hit up Locke & Remedy if you don’t have plans this weekend, eat brunch, eat lunch, eat dinner and throw back some cocktails and report back on Monday. If you need any more persuasion ‘The Cocktail Sunday Sessions’ are starting January 31st. 



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