No 1, Chai Street

Chai Street is my number 1. It’s, by far, one of my favourite places to eat in Cardiff and after so many visits of late I thought it made sense to ‘do a bit’ on it. I’m sure you’ve probably already visited the tiny, Indian street food restaurant on Cowbridge Road but if not… WHY? 

If you’re a fan of Indian food that’s not necessarily a vindaloo or a korma then this will really hit the spot. The Chai Special Thali is my go-to option if I can’t make a decision. You receive three curries (chicken, lamb and veggie), rice, a dal, poppadoms, naan bread, pickles and a starter (usually a bhaji) for under £10. If that’s not a bargain then I really don’t know what is… My first visit was way back in October and I was extremely late to the party. It can’t be classed as fashionably late unfortunately as I missed out on months of Chole Bhatura and Masala Fries. In fact, it’s an absolute travesty. I am truly making up for it now though and for that, I am happy and relieved. 

Chole Bhatura is my favourite thing on the menu. It doesn’t sound like a lot but I’m obsessed. Bhatura are Indian flatbreads and the Chole is a kind of, chickpea curry (of sorts). I just love it. That, accompanied by a lovely mango lassi, will always be my one true, Chai Street love. 

Coming in at a close second are those Masala Fries. My god. You have to order them but please don’t over order. I keep on making the same mistake and ordering them to go with a larger meal and fail miserably. If you’re getting a small plate then feel free to spice things up. You won’t be disappointed by them. They are the perfect chip, covered in spicy sauce, which, for me, is very sweet deal. 

This week I tried the Pav Bhaji which, when served didn’t look the most appetising but it tasted amazing. When I say it didn’t look the most appetising, what I really mean is, I took a picture for Instagram and pictures did it no justice. The Pav Bhaji was a Pav (bun that has been cooked in butter) served with vegetables in a tomato gravy that was full of flavour. According to the menu, this is the kind of thing you’d get on the street in India if you were in a hurry. 

If you’re reading this with your head in your hands because you’ve not been then don’t fret, you’ve got all weekend to squeeze in a trip. In fact, it’s their first birthday party tomorrow so show your face and try some bloody outstanding Indian street food. 

Chai Street

156 Cowbridge Road East


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