The Early Bird catches the worm…

…or just a good breakfast. I won’t bang on about my love of brunch too much as all my posts will just merge into one but I just love it ok? LET ME LIVE A LITTLE. 

The Early Bird Bakery opened back in November on Woodville in Cathays and if I’m completely honest, I wanted to visit when I saw it had opened and then completely forgot all about it. This is, what I like to call, a school boy error. 

Thanks to a post from Gourmet Gorro, the week before a brunch date with SB, I was reminded of the little, canary yellow building in the middle of ‘Studentville’. Considering the fact that Cardiff has too many chain restaurants and coffee shops already, this is exactly the sort of place we should be ploughing our money into… in the form of an unlimited supply of Sourdough toast topped with Nutella. Naturally. 

This place is, first and foremost, an absolutely delicious bakery. I could smell the wafts of freshly baked bread as soon as my Fiat whipped into Woodville and when you’re hungover on a Sunday morning you know what the carb craving feels like. I know you do. The carbs are always calling. 

I’m convinced this place was built on a previous dream I’ve had. I’m sure of it. 

Of course, it would’ve been ill-mannered to leave without buying a wholemeal sourdough loaf to tide me over for the week; or, in this case, the best part of two days. 

I ordered the ‘Cowboy’ which is a combination of sourdough (I bet you already guessed that part) homemade beans cooked in Hangfire Espresso sauce, chopped pork sausages and topped with a poached egg. Now, I normally order something with avocado but this one stood out like a sore thumb…. in the best way possible. It was amazing and I’d go as far as to say, one of my favourite ‘brunch eats’ of all time. SB opted for the ‘Hulk Smash’ which, yes you guessed right again, started off with some toasted sourdough and was finished off with lots of avocado and poached egg with Cholula hot sauce. It only took one look at her empty plate to know it was welcomed with open arms. 
*insert love heart eye emoji here*


If you also fall for a lovely bit of coffee art or you’re just cold as it is February then you know what to do…  

If either of you saw those pictured in the above then I sure do hope it was before I tipped beans down my favourite t shirt. 

The Early Bird Bakery

38 Woodville Road

CF24 4EB 


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