A lil pizza heaven in Canton…

For all those interested in the street food scene in Cardiff you’ll be more than familiar with Dusty Knuckle’s top notch pizza. If, God forbid, you’re yet to polish off dat base then shame on you. If you do fall into the category of ‘yet to polish off dat base’ then you knead to know about Dusty Knuckle’s new venture. FAST. 

I think it is very fitting that my last blog post was all about Hang Fire Smokehouse and their rags to riches/pop up to permanent home story. We now have yet another vendor setting up shop but this time in the back yard of Crafty Devil, who are also relatively new to the permanent home game. 

Canton already hosts many a great restaurant and as I’ve preached in the past, is the up and coming area of town. The place to be. With the likes of Chai Street, Bangkok Cafe and Calabrisella already firmly on the food chain, it is safe to say Dusty Knuckle have some very tasty neighbours. 

We all know that when you’ve knocked back a few bevvies the first thing you think about is carbs. Ok, so this isn’t Caroline Street but rest assured you’re getting an even better deal. In fact, Dusty Knuckle have wood-fired their way into the ‘Where To Eat Pizza Guide‘ didn’t you know?! You’re dining with pizza royalty. 

Do you need another excuse to visit? Dogs. Yes, everyone is welcome to take their furry friend along with them. Why should they miss out on all the fun? My friend Honor has the most amazing poochy pal who comes with us on most adventures so knowing her little face would be made welcome definitely had a paws up from Inca.

Until reading blog posts by Plate Licked Clean and Fuud Blog I didn’t really know what to expect but starters and dessert were far from my mind. Naturally, as soon as I saw there were three course offerings I decided we needed to try as much as we could handle. With that in mind, we put our hands on a meat antipasti with a side of Dusty Knuckle and Crafty Devil collaboration beer. 

This bad boy was delicious, might I add.

There was chorizo salami and fennel salami along with Teifi nettle cheese, sauerkraut and olives. It was presented beautifully and was definitely more fancy than I was expecting. I have a thing for all Italian meats but I have even more of a thing for nettle cheese so it only added to the appeal and certainly set my taste buds up for the pizza that followed. 

I would normally order a pizza piled high with meats and jalapeños but this time the Blas Y Mor drew me in. It is, in essence, a seaside on a dough base.  A super Welshy pizza. Now I won’t claim to be a fluent Welsh speaker but if my translation skills are correct Blas Y Mor, quite literally, means taste of the sea. If this is incorrect then I hold my hands up and admit the extent of my Welsh comes to an abrupt halt, much like uncle Bryn, at rydw i’n hoffi coffi. This pizza really is the taste of the sea in just one bite. It takes me back to trying cockles and mussels on many a childhood caravan holiday in west Wales. 

It is an absolute delight and something everyone seems to be going crazy about. It’s a taste sensation. There have been cockles all over my social media for the past two weeks. The base was cooked perfectly and it donned the perfect toppings to cheese ratio. To sum it up, it was perfect. It’s a legendary pizza with the doughy goods to back it up. If you’re in the market for some fior di latte, lardons, laverbread, cockles and samphire then you’ll find yourself in the right place. You’ll be in good hands. I promise. 

The desserts. Those bloody desserts. They have a great selection with something for everyone. There’s ice cream, a chocolate and rosemary pot for the chocolate fiend amongst you and a bergamot and strawberry panna cotta for those who are more partial to something fruity. Naturally we ordered both the chocolate pot and the panna cotta. It would be rude not to try them really wouldn’t it? I don’t like offending people.

I’m not normally a chocolate dessert kinda gal but this time I was sold from the first spoonful. It’s wonderful. The texture and the amount of chocolatey goodness is  bang on. Of course, the panna cotta is equally tasty but then, panna cotta will always be a firm favourite with me. 

All the produce is locally sourced, the base is so fresh it’s stretched and slipped into the wood fired oven upon placing your order and the herbs are even grown right next to where you’re sitting. Please do yourself a favour the next time you’re hungover and find yourself contemplating ordering a Domino’s or Pizza Hut and head to Canton. You owe it not only to yourself but to your stomach. Give it a little love. It deserves it. See you soon DKP, I can’t wait to spend my summer with you, drinking beer and eating all your wares. It’s going to be a good un. 

16 Llandaff Road, 


CF11 9NJ 


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