Oscars of Cowbridge

There’s something about Cowbridge that makes me think about being a grown up. A homeowner with children, a dog (or two) and partaking in a weekly deli food shop before going for brunch washed down with a glass of wine on a Tuesday afternoon. Of course, it isn’t a necessity that you do all of the above before you visit Cowbridge and I certainly don’t have have children or a house but the offer of brunch? Yes please! On this occasion I left my dog at home though, he’s recently devoured an electric toothbrush so god only knows what would happen in public. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t live in Cowbridge because for the sake of an out of town journey or a random road trip it’s definitely worth the extra miles on the clock. No matter where you’re travelling from, driving into Cowbridge feels like a whole new world and it gives you chance to explore. 

Oscars is a well established restaurant and already has a great reputation. However, it has recently had a complete refurb and is looking remarkably good for it. Think turquoise, orange and lots of copper and rose gold and you’ve basically fallen through the door of Oscars. It’s beautifully done and you can really tell how much money, time and effort went into making it look as snazzy as it does with just one scan of the room. 

The menu is very extensive and covers an abundance of things ranging from burgers to duck wraps to mussels to light lunches and pancakes. I can assure you it really does have something for everyone.

Don’t even get me started on how superb I think their drinks menu is. I particular enjoy the stock of Pipes and Celt and a special mention to the Brooklyn on tap. 

Upon first look at the menu I was drawn straight towards the spiced cauliflower and beetroot fritter burger but as soon as HCH ordered the cauliflower steak I happily panic ordered in anticipation of a bout of food envy. I’m so glad I made the decision to be a copy cat because who’d have thought a cauliflower steak could be so delicious? The cauliflower was roasted and tasted absolutely divine which I’m sure had a little something to do with the slight buttery taste that came with it. Along with the cauli steak was a mountain of perfectly cooked sweet potato fries, asparagus and vine roasted tomatoes. Now you may call me crazy for not ordering meat but sometimes the vegetarian options just sound so much more appealing. 

Try and tell me the above doesn’t look delicious. I dare ya. 

The rest of the gang went for halloumi burgers and a Reuben. Both options looked more than tasty and came featuring a lovely pretzel bun and mountain of fries. Here’s a little teaser for you before you book a table. 

If you’re already sweating about a preconceived idea on the price of food at Oscars then fear not, it’s absolutely and entirely reasonable. The price of a burger, for example, ranges from £8.95-£12.95. This is no more expensive than an in-town burger and the potion sizes are very hearty. 

If, after perusing the above menu, you’re still unsure what to order the cauliflower steak comes highly recommended by a non-vegetarian and I’m already eyeing up the baked eggs and soldiers plus the Oscars’ Mess. I mean, the mess has rose scented cream and candy floss. Dreams really can come true. 

We didn’t even have the stomach to look at the dessert menu after demolishing lunch so next time I definitely will be ordering a dessert or two. Maybe three. Who’s counting? 

A massive thanks must go to Oscars for having the girls and I for a beautiful meal with absolutely impeccable service but I also want to send thanks to Broadly PR for the invitation and the wonderful lunch time chat. 


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